Sunday, August 19, 2007

Our Birthday was a blast!

Even thou I did work my self silly trying to get as much done as possible my kids birthdays turned out great! KB's cake didn't turn out as pretty as the picture, but I am very proud of my self. Only family showed and we had 25 people here. (We have a big family, both sides-not even 1/2 showed)I was kinda glad that some of the other didn't come and some of the family couldn't make it. I hate that one of my nieces was in the hospital thou. After the party and everybody left, the girls and I got started with the sleep over. Gosh! It was a blast! We did hair, fashion show, talent show, painted finger and toenails, did make up and then I gave up and left them with all the fun. Them girls stayed up till after 5 in the morning! I'm glad I had one of my teen age nieces to help. My oldest had a blast aggravating the girls! Plus he got in on the fun of the talent show.
The only one wish I have is to get this house finished. I may have enjoyed it better, but I can't complain. We almost got the painting finished. YIPPEE! And the party was a bigger hit that I thought it would be!


Ami said...

The cakes are great! And it looks like everyone had a wonderful time.

I like when that happens.


kitten said...

Me 2 also! Thanks girl!