Monday, August 06, 2007

Buckwheat Boyz - Ice cream and cake

Yeah! I've got 2 birthday parties coming on the 18th. My KB will 10 on the 14th and my DJ will be 14 on the 16th. So I got 2 cakes! I'm going to make KB a jewlery cake, but haven't decided what to fix for a 14 yr old. Yes, I have always made their cakes, but a 14 yr old. Well, all I know is I better get my noodle working. And if any of my friends want to give me advice I would be so happy!


Heather said...

That song was hysterical! My kids like the Peanut Butter and Jelly song, but I've never heard anything else by these guys. Thanks for sharing it. And enjoy your birthday parties!

Ami said...

At 14 my son loved Star Wars. I got him an action figure, put it on top of the cake and wrote, "Use the fork, Matt" on top.

What does your son like?

kitten said...

He is real big into learning the guitar right at moment. I may just do a guitar shape cake. I may just ask him, but was trying to surprize him. Thanks for the boost.

Anonymous said...

Hello my friend!
Good luck with the birthday goodies!
The SP round is coming to a close, keep an eye out for a little reveal package to arrive!
Your SP!