Thursday, August 16, 2007

Happy Birthday to my oldest!

Today my oldest is 14. Seems like yesterday we were bringing him home and look at him now. Aron is taller them me, shoes are bigger, he weighs more and stronger than me. He's a little man! Looking at him now I can't believe that the Dr. handed him back to me when he was 6 months old and told me he had 3 days to 3 weeks to live. My heart dropped like a rock. I'm so glad the Dr. was wrong. He had always been sick but we never knew what it was. At 6 months he weighed a little over 6 lbs and whiter than white. We had tried every kind of formula, but he still threw it up. He was hooked to all kinds of machines, in and out of the hospital, his heart had stopped twice, he was having seizures for a reason they couldn't explain and I hardly slept. The day the Dr. told me I went to church just all beside myself. A little old lady told me to go buy 36 cans of goats milk. (Not sure of why that exact number and have been meaning to look up the meaning) I told her I didn't have enough money to buy that many cans and if I did it would be a waste of money. She went to a local store and bought 36 cans for us. I took Aron to the Dr. 2 weeks later and he couldn't believe it was the same little boy. Looking at my miracle today you could never know he ever had any problems.
Happy Birthday my baby and my man!

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dawn said...

What an awesome story. What an angel God sent you in your time of need. When our first (16) was a baby, she through up more than a regular baby (funny phrasing-regular baby). When she was 17 months an older neighbour lady suggested she had a fat intolerance. I switched her to 1% milk and she quit throwing up. To this day, if she eats fat laden foods she gets sick. It is wonderful to have wise council from those with experience, if we only know which ones were giving wise council.