Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ghost, Civil War stories fill other chapters of Lochinvar's past

If you read the story below you see What I'm talking about the "Ghost stories of Lochinvar" I have a few of my own, but in the funny way. All my life I have heard of all kinds of ghost stories at Lochinvar, even more than what is mentioned below. Well, my best friend when I was 14-18 was Angie Dillard. One summer when we was about 16 her cousin from Louisiana came for a visit. Angie had been telling him some ghost stories about Lochinvar and he said that NO GIRL FROM MISSISSIPPI WAS GOING TO SCARE HIM! LOL! He had never meet me. Angie and I took him there one night and I cut the car off. (We had told him if you cut your car off at night down in the fields it wont crank back up if you here hollers it means the ghost was coming) When I cut my car off I didn't put it park and you know you can't crank most cars if not in park or neutral. When the wind is up the Whipping Willows make a hollering sound. LOL! This boy got to getting scared, he almost pissed his pants. Well, Angie told me that was enough, but I was having too much fun. She was starting to get scared and I played on it! I got to acting like I was up set and couldn't crank the car. Them 2 was screaming and crying! LOL! They were trying to roll up the windows, but you can't roll up electric windows with out the car cranked up. The dude got to screaming like a girl and said he was sorry that he made fun of a Mississippi girl. So, I smiled and said, Oh, let me put the car in park.LOL! The dude gave me a stupid look and I put it in park and guess what?! The car cranked! I probably would have *SHIT* my pants if it hadn't, but I just couldn't help my self.
The dude never messed with this Mississippi girl any more and we had a few more funny but wild adventures. That just seems to be one that stands out more than most. LOL! So, if you ever want to come and visit Lochinvar, you may not want me to be your guide!

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