Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I have been so sick! Yuck!

I had sinus surgery 2 years ago. Now every time it rains I sneeze. No kidding. Friday I started doing a lot of sneezing, I told my hubby it was fixing to rain and yeppers it did. Little did I know I was going to get sick this time. Saturday I got up not feeling to well and as the day went by I got worse. By Sunday I was running 103-104 fever. My ears hurt, my head, gosh I just hurt all over. I went to my ear nose and throat Dr. Monday. The only thing he was worried about was my ears. No, I didn't have an ear infection. He said I had meniere's disease and some hearing lose. ( http://oto.wustl.edu/men/) He wrote me out a script for that and walked out. I asked the nurse about my fever and mess and she told me if I wasn't better by Wed. to come back. WHAT? Duh! I'm running a high fever, feel like shit, have 3 kids and ya'll all the way in Tupelo. So, I came home and called my local Dr, which was booked, but I was able to see another one. He said my white blood count was really high, gave me some meds, told me to call if I got worse or come back in 5 days when I was done with the meds. if not better.
These last days of dying! and delirious of high fever, I have been remembering a lot of funnies in my life. (See blow one of them)Just a lot of stupid, silly stuff. I'm sorta glad I had a few days of rest and think back on these memories, but wish it was under better circumstances. I have already gotten weak and tired, so I'll have to post my funnies later.

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Ami said...

I hope you're feeling better now. It's so damn hard to be a mom when you're not feeling your best.

I didn't forget about the education meme, I've just been working a lot of hours this week. I promise to get to it soon.