Wednesday, September 03, 2008

We started school this week.

We haven't worked out all the kinks yet, but the last 2 days were pretty good. At the 1st of each month Rocker Dude is having to help KB while I take momma to the Dr and pay our bills on the 3rd. Other than that I think we will be okay. I will find out how good it works tomorrow since it will my 1st full day with the kids. Well, not a full day as some may think. Here is what my schedule will be looking like... I get up at 5:30 AM fix breakfast and get Dan off to work by 6:30 AM, then I wake JB up and drop him off at school by 15 till 8 AM. After I take him to school I go to momma's and give her a bath and whatever else she needs. About 11 or 12 I go to the house and start our day of schooling. While I'm at my mom's Rocker Dude and KB take a bath, eat and do their chores for the day. When I get home we will do school from about 11 or 12 till 4.
I had tried staying here till about 12 noon then going over momma's, but that just made my day longer, so I'm really hoping this works out. I have a feeling it will.
Today, I had to take KB back to the Dr because she still was running a fever and has ulcers all in her mouth. He said she was well on her way to recovery from everything else that had to do with the virus, ear infection, throat infection and sinus infection. He said it would take another 3 weeks or so to get over the ulcers in the mouth. He gave her something to deaden her mouth for she can eat and drink more. He told her if she didn't start drinking she would land up in the hospital with IVs. She had been drinking pretty good until today. The medicine seems to be helping so far.


Joy T. said...

Girl I don't know how you do it all, I really don't. Sounds like you have your hands full for sure. Hope things start slowing down for you.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear KB is on the mend, if not all better.

Hope this schedule does work out for you. Fingers crossed.

karisma said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan to me! Im glad to hear KB is on the mend finally! Fluids are extremely important, while it might seem like she is drinking normally she actually needs to drink at last 3 times as much especially with a fever, it sucks out all the goodness! Honey is great for healing and soothing the mouth if you can get her to take some as much as she likes during the day! And a drinking straw helps to get the fluids down a little easier! I hope she heals quickly!

My boys are looking a lot better today but TC was sent home from school relapsing or catching something else! Its never ending hey?

I have a little present or three for you at my place! Come and see!

Ami said...

Thanks for the award. I haven't forgotten to post it, just haven't been posting 'live' much.

I hope your girl feels better soon. It sounds like what she's had has just been awful.

And what a big and kind heart you have and what love you have for your mother.

You're truly someone I admire.

storyteller said...

Your schedule seems busy but organized. Hope everything works out and that your daughter and mom feel better soon.
Hugs and blessings,