Thursday, September 11, 2008

A sad Remembrance and Happy Birthday!

Today is a sad day of Remembrance of 9/11, but it also is my little brother's Birthday. I remember that day so very well. I just had surgery and was laying on the couch 1/2 way watching the TV and watching my 2 kittens playing. About that time what was on TV caught my eye. I was in disbelief and ask Dan if it was real. After a few minutes we realized it was. About 9 PM that night my little brother called me and asked me why I haven't called and wished him a Happy Birthday. I felt really bad! I told him that I didn't know how to wish a Happy on a day like that, but promised I would never forget him! (I hadn't forgot him that day, just didn't know what to say)
DaDa, I'm sorry you have such a sad remembrance on your birthday, but you are what makes this day so special! Just think of it this way, millions of people from all over are celebrating your Birthday!
Sissy Kate!


storyteller said...

Reading your post reminds me how my Dad felt about his December 7th birthday after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor … yet it WAS still his birthday and WE wanted to celebrate with him. Yesterday was my blogging friend Lucy’s birthday too. You might find HER post helpful in sorting some of this out. I hope your brother is able to separate the two events as Lucy’s done.
Hugs and blessings,

Jettie said...

Beautiful post!! We talked about that to on Grizzlys birthday. So sad isn't it?

dawn said...

Happy birthday to your brother. My mom's birthday is November 11th. She was born in 1941 before it became the day to mark the war. In a way, hers is a good day, as it marks the end of the killing. However, there are a lot of people, who on that day, remember the fallen soldiers and fallen civilians of both world wars, as well as the death camps and atrocities that went on. I think despite the tragedies in this world, we need to move forward, never forgetting those who lived their lives and lost them in the tragedy, but also never forgetting or honouring those living, who may be celebrating life on that day, due to birthdays weddings or anniversaries.