Monday, August 11, 2008


Biblical meaning: Three and Third: Complete; perfection; witness; divine fullness; solid attributes; Godhead; conform; resurrection power over sin; divine fullness. (Romans 3: 9; 6: 9; 1 Sam. 3: 8; Jonah 1: 16-17; 20: 1-9; 1 John 5: 6-7; Col. 2: 9; Eph. 3: 19; 4: 13; John 1: 16)
Number 3 for me: My 3rd and last child! She's my baby girl! KB is a very Happy-Go-Lucky person. KB is a momma and daddy's girl. She enjoys being outdoors, cheerleading, drama, singing, being with friends, encouraging others, enjoys learning, cooking/baking and just loves life! KB (Little Princess) will be 11 in 3 days. (GULP) It wont be long and I will have all teens. (Sigh)


MOM #1 said...

She's a beautiful little girl.

Jettied said...

She looks to be one sweet girl!!!

ChrisB said...

Lovely happy photos, she's a pretty girl.

karisma said...

Yep she's a cutie all right! I think you should keep her!

3 is a good number