Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Number 7

Biblical meaning: Seven: Completion; finished work; perfection; rest; perfection in the Spirit. (Gen. 2: 1-3; Lev. 14: 7; 16: 14, 19; Matt. 18: 21-22; Jude 14; Rev. 2: 1; 8: 2; 12: 3)
Meaning to me: My little Red (middle child) went back to public school this year and he is in the 7th grade. He also will be playing 7th grade football, which he made the 1st string as an outside line-backer. He is doing very well except for Science, but I feel once he catches on to how that teacher does it, he will do well. He is very excited about going back to school, so this makes me happy. I'm so well pleased that he has his interest back in learning. (He and I was doing nothing but clashing last year)
Also, I want to leave you with this little note.... (You may have to click on image to make it bigger.)


MOM #1 said...

7 certainly seems like a "lucky" number for you.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to him for making 1st string. I'm glad he's enjoying school. I happen to know a retired 7th grade science teacher ;-).