Wednesday, August 13, 2008

A little heads up about......

Biblical numbers. (Some numbers have more than one meaning. It's just depends on how it is used. What applies to one may not apply to another.) Like with words. Let me give you an example. The word love can be used in so many ways. Did you know that the word love is not used in Hebrew. They have a lot of other words that mean love from the English language.
There is also more in depth studies like Biblical Mathematics and Numerology.
I just thought this would be neat to share.
Hope you enjoy my little meme!
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Pamela said...

I didn't realize that about Hebrew. I did know that the it is full of Greek words meaning all kinds of love--my favorite being Agape.

kitten said...

Hebrew word ahab - spontaneous, impulsive love (250 times in OT)
2. Hebrew word hesed - deliberate choice of affection and kindness
3. Hebrew word raham - to have compassion, brotherly love

Jettied said...

Well I learned something new!!
You did a wonderful post on your meme!!

Wendy Hawksley said...

I adore numerology and all the different systems of it. I think there is more behind the Bible than people realize, too. But my point of view is that it is a mystical, metaphorical book, rather than a literal one.

I have a very Gnostic take on it, and I think people don't realize that they need to look DEEPER into it; that there is more to it than meets the eye. ;-)

Wendy Hawksley said...

P.S. Your family is lovely!!!

karisma said...

Interesting! Are you taking lessons in Hebrew?

dawn said...

I have gone back and read the posts I missed. Very interesting about the numbers and the important people in your life.

I totally agree with you on the gossip thing.

We don't have cucumbers yet, but I am hoping soon. I have watered the garden now and we had a little rain so hopefully the bees do their job on the flowers.