Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back to my Number meme!

Biblical meaning: Six: Man; beast; Satan; flesh; carnal; toil and strain of the flesh or natural realm; work; sorrow; secular completeness. (Rev. 13: 18; 1 Sam. 17: 4-7; Gen. 1: 26-31; 4: 17-18; 2 Peter 3: 8; 2 Sam. 21: 20; Num. 35: 15)
Meaning to me: I could not think of anything that pertained to me with the number six. Except maybe a 6 pack of diet dew, but because I don't like drinking out of a can, I'm not going to use that. Instead I thought I would share share a little about the Hebrew alphabet. The sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called "Vav"
Here is a link to better explain...

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Pamela said...

I can think of something about the letter six.

A dress size I'll probably never see again. sigh.