Sunday, August 31, 2008

A little update of my world

1- My mom is not doing well at all. I hate looking at each day and wonder if this is her last. They are going to get her a wheel chair to help reserve her air. She said no at 1st, but now has decided to comply with it. I wish the Dr's would explain all this a little better instead of.... She is going to die. I can't believe she has gone down so quickly. Some days I have hopes of her living a few more years, but don't know.
2- KB has been a very sick little girl! She has had a sinus infection, a throat infection, an ear infection and a virus on top of all that. The other night I had to take her to the ER about 11 PM because her fever was almost 104 and with everything I did it kept climbing. The next day she got worse. We had to go back to the hospital and give her IV fluids. Her blood pressure had drop rock bottom, her fever wouldn't drop and she was dehydrated. Two days later her gums are swelled up really bad and she has blisters all in her mouth. I took her to the regular Dr today. He told me I had a very sick little girl, like I didn't already know. He gave her 2 shots, something to help her mouth get better and told me if she didn't start drinking she would be back in the hospital tomorrow with more IVs. I feel the 2 shots have helped, she feels better today. I'm not sure what kind of virus, (he told me but I forgot) but he said he was a really bad one. It was one that last a little over a week instead of 24-72 hours like most viruses.
It's been really hard taking care of and momma, but I have and I survived!!!
3- I have finally figured out a schedule that helps me take care of momma and home school. I will post that in a few days.
Other than all that I'm good even though my house needs a little help! LOL!

I know everybody has their own life, but I just thought I would jot down a little bit of mine. Writing this post makes think of the saying... Momma always said there would be days like this! LOL!


ChrisB said...

I am sending lots of good vibes your way. It must be so difficult trying to help care for your mother and to have KB so ill. That sounds an awful virus for her body to be dealing with. I do hope she picks up soon.
Don't worry about your house your loved ones are the most important at the moment and you could need a little love yourself (hugs).

ChrisB said...

A little something for you over at my place

Anonymous said...

Hugs! Poor KB, poor you! I'm sure you've asked the Dr., but do be careful taking care of your momma unless KB's illness is contagious.

I hope she perks up soon.

MOM #1 said...

Goodness, you certainly have had your hands full. When all is said and done, be sure to have a nice warm bath and a glass of wine to thank yourself for a job well done.

It sounds like you deserve it.

Mama certainly did say there'd be days like that!

Ami said...

You just have so much going on.

I hope your daughter feels much better today and that you're remembering to take care of you a little.

I have said it before, but I wish I lived closer, I would at least bake cookies for you.

I hope your mom will live a lot longer, but that if she does not, that her passing will be peaceful.


Junebug said...

Ah so hard to have more than one sick person to care for. I pray that KB gets well soon, that pretty little pink girl! Also your mom. Life is hard, but God is good. and momma is right.

storyteller said...

I’m sorry your mom’s not doing well … I know from experience that watching someone you love die is hard. Having a sick little girl running a fever and having to go to the ER makes things doubly difficult! I’m praying for you and yours … sending you positive energy and thoughts.
Hugs and blessings,

karisma said...

Im so sorry to hear things have not been going so great! I hope they start to look up for you soon! I know how you feel with sick kids, we have been dealing with it for weeks now and also spent Saturday at the Emergency doctors! No IV's this time though thank goodness!

Sending many good vibes and happy thoughts your way! Hugs and smoochies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Jo Beaufoix said...

So so sorry about your Mum kitten, I can't imagine what you're all going through, and poor little KB. The temperature stuff is scary isn't it? Hope she feels much better soon and that none of you catch it. Hugs.

Pamela said...

oh Kitten - you need a hot bath, a pedicure, etc.

and a big hug, too.

*hee hee lopsided hug, isn't it.

I've been neglectful in my reading this summer (and plan to be scarce this fall, too.) Do you have hospice help for your mama?

Wendy Hawksley said...

Our family went through the same thing with my grandmother. I understand your pain and truly sympathize.

Poor KB!!!

It sounds like a rough time for you lately. I hope you will be blessed with the strength to perservere, to take care of the beloved family members who need you the most, and love and support from all those around you.

dawn said...

I am so sorry to hear of all this going on in your life. I hope KB is feeling better now (she seems to be on the mend from the Friday post, thankfully). Sorry to hear your mom is not so well. Sirdar's mom seems to be getting worse instead of better. It is a weird feeling when they get this way, kind of like she isn't the person she used to be, but she is, just more like a little child.

SabrinaT said...

(((((((((((((Sending lots of hugs and prayers)))))))))