Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Number 4

Biblical meaning: Four: World; earth; creation; creative work; four winds; four seasons; four corners of the earth; rule and reign over the earth; global implications such as east, west, north, south; territorial specific realm implications. (Gen. 2: 10; 41: 34; Rev. 5: 9; 7: 1, 9; 13: 7; Is. 58: 6-10; Ez. 42: 20; 46: 21; Lev. 11: 20-27; 27: 31; John 8: 34; 1 Cor. 15: 39)

My number 4: My 4 nieces! The one sitting in the grey is the oldest and in her 2nd year of RN school. The one standing behind her in the white is next to the oldest. She hasn't quite figured what she wants to do in life as far as a career. The other one setting is the 3rd one and she is in her 1st year of RN school. (She is the the one that is the most like me). The other one standing in the black and grey is my youngest niece. She is still trying to figure out her way. And of course I had to put my little Princess in there. LOL!
I Love all these girls with every inch of my heart! Even though we have had our ups, downs, ins & outs, We still are very close and I'm proud of everyone of them!


Jettied said...

Beautiful Girls !!! Good Luck to every one of them!! I Love spending time with our Nieces! They are so much fun!! yours look to be Fun!!

Joy T. said...

I'm enjoying following your posts on these numbers. The pictures are great and the girls are so pretty!

Pamela said...

good for them (getting their educations)

A lovely bunch

karisma said...

Lovely bunch of girls, love stripy shirts smile!

Funny you know we were watching something about the No. 4 being bad luck in China! Its all numbers to me.

Wendy Hawksley said...

Also, 4 is a number of foundations and solidity; that which we need to achieve completion. It fits well with the ideas of the World, earth, and creation, don't you think? :-)