Friday, February 01, 2008

Wild weather & meme

The first part of my post is about our wild weird weather we had yesterday. We were suppose to have freezing rain early, then later when it warmed up just rain with little chance of thunderstorms. We had it all, all day long. Sleet, rain, hail, thunder, lighting, and it was 36 degrees. I'm not saying do a little of this here and then do a little of the other. I mean all at the same time all day. We had Winter advisory/thunderstorm advisory. I have never seen anything like it. Seems like this year our weather is very unusual. I'm not just talking here in Mississippi, but all over.
Okay! Holly tagged me for this meme. She wanted to know the first really upset that happened with my kid/kids/family
This one is a little hard, because we have so many and I have 3 kids. So, I'm going to do the ones that stand out the most and one for each child.

I'll start with my oldest DJ. When Aron was a little over a year and JB was just a few weeks old. My fan on my car had quit working. Dan fixed it where I would have to raise the hood and connect the wires when I 1st got in the car and when I got where I was going I would have to raise the fan to disconnect the wires. One day when I got to church I got out with the boys with JB & diaper bag on one shoulder and Aron by my side. Like always I raised the hood, put it on my shoulder disconnected the wire and pulled my shoulder away from the hood for it would shut all by its self. Little did I know that Aron had his hand up on the car. So!!!! When I slammed the hood he screamed. I went and open the hood back up, not dropping Josh, picked him up and ran in the church. When I got in the church the boys and I was crying. I screamed and told the church what happened. I tossed Josh to someone (still have no idea who) and ran to the back with Aron to call Dan or my mom. All the ladies followed me to the back. The pastor's wife ran to her house in back to get ice and make the call because the church phone was messed up. One of the ladies said, We need to pray! She told Aron if he said Amen, that meant he believe that God could and would help him. As soon as we prayed he said Amen to the top of his lungs. When Dan and mom got there his hand was fine. His bones was no longer sticking out. Not even a bruise! Believe me or not, but this happened! Right after that Dan fixed the fan switch inside the car.

When the kids were real small I gave their baths together. One night while I was giving them a bath the phone rang. I ran to get it and when I walked back in the bath room Josh stood on the side of the tub and yelled "I'm Super Man!" before I could leap to him he slipped and hit the commode. I saw white where his chin starts and I thought he had ripped his bottom lip off. I dressed 3 kids faster than I have ever in my life. I called Dan, my mom and his mom. Then I went as fast as I could to the ER. I was a nervous wreck and too scared to take the bath cloth off his face. When my mom got there she took the bath cloth off him. To our good, the white I had saw was a big chunk of our commode.

Last but surely not least, KB. When she was 2 1/2 years old she broke her nose. Aron was throwing a bike tire up and it landed on her nose. I took her to the ER and the Dr said she was too young to have that bone that would break. Boy was he ever wrong!

My kids are 14, 13 and 10 and I have so many more stories. I could really write a book! LOL!

I just remembered one more thing KB did that is funny in a way now. My purse had got stolen just before Christmas. So 2 days after Christmas I had went to get a new drivers license ans new SS# cards. On the way back home KB came out of her car seat. (I didn't have my car on cruise) I turned around and told her to get back in. I told her that I was going to pull over and spank her. I turned back around to see blue lights. I told Kb if she would put on her seat belt I would buy her a sucker, but she didn't. The law came over and wrote me a ticket for speeding and one for no child restraint. When he walked off she got back in her car seat and said, did I do good momma? I was so mad! When I walked in momma's she knew I was mad and asked what had happened. When I told her she asked if I had spanked her. I told her I was too mad and I wont spank mine when mad. Well, momma spanked her with her crippled hands. I know it didn't hurt, but to let KB tell it maw maw spanks the hardest of anyone. I have never had any more problems with her using the car seat or seat belt.

I think this is a neat meme and different than most. at this time I'm not going to tag anyone, but if you want to go head and be my guest!
Try it you may like it.


Holly said...

Oh my, I can't imagine! The kids really keep you on your toes. The last one is really funny. I promise, I'm going to do your meme, I just needed to get that other post done.

Anonymous said...

Those are great stories, mostly because they could have turned out really bad, and didn't. We have had our share of scares and incidents too. I feel for those people who don't have things turn out so well.

The Rotten Correspondent said...

My kids are 15, 12 and 10 and it's never dull around here either. I don't know how they manage to get hurt doing the simplest things!