Friday, February 15, 2008

I'm so tired!

Momma has been in the hospital over 10 days. The 1st days was ICU and I would make 3-4 trips a day for I could be with my kids. I know that's a lot of gas, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Since she has been out of ICU, I have been there from early morning till bed time. I did stay last night, but had to come home to pay some bills. My little niece will stay the night to give me a break. They will be moving momma here to our hospital about Monday to a swing bed for therapy to get her strength back for she'll be able to go home. If she don't regain her strength in her muscles we will have to fix up a schedule to bring her home, because we don't won't her in a nursing home. Not that we have anything against them, it's because she has worked in them so many years, she don't wont to be put in one. She has been a nurse 45 years and it took all we had to get her to go to a swing bed. Maybe once we get her in a swing bed we can get back to a routine and back to schooling. Well, I'm gonna take a bath, go pay ills then take a nap!
Take care and hope yall have a wonderful week end!
Thanks for all your warm wishes!


Junebug said...

Being the caregiver is hard work. I hope you get some rest this week-end.

ChrisB said...

I assume it will make it easier for you when she is moved nearer!. Hope you manage to get a bit of respite over the weekend.

I don't blame her not wanting to be in a nursing home~ I think if you have been a nurse you know too much about it!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ahhh, hope you get a rest, and that your mum improves even more. Her worries are totally understandable aren't they. Hug.
And I have an award for you at my place.

Heather said...

I'm glad to hear your mom is doing better. Try not to run yourself too ragged. School can wait until you've got your mom settled in again - I'm sure there is a lot the kids could do on their own in the meantime.

dawn said...

I hope you get some rest this weekend. Moving closer to you should help out. Keep plugging away.

Holly said...

You are so sweet for having thought of me. I've e-mailed you.

I hope you get some rest and your mom is well enough to go home soon.

DH worked during high school in a nursing home and also is dead set against going into one (or our family).

There's a lot your kids are learning about character and family. School can wait for a time.

laurie said...

man, you have been through so much, Kitten. your poor mom. very similar stuff that we have been going through with doug's mom.

nursing homes are necessary evils--his mom has been in one since dec. 23. we think she might be getting out next week, but that's still a long time.

like junebug said,being the caregiver is very hard work. you take care and i hope things improve soon.

Kaytabug said...

Moving closer to you is great news. Get some rest this weekend, I hope you can relax. Keep taking care of you!

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Kitten, am sending continued good thoughts for your mum, and for you. {hugs}

Not Jenny said...

I was a nurse for 9 years and worked in three nursing homes. I can't blame your mom for not wanting to be in one! I hope you can get the care she needs without too much stress on your family.

The strength you have been showing during this awful time is admirable.

Thank you very much for your kind words on my blog--I can't believe you have time to worry about people you have never met when you have so much on your own plate.

Big Hugs


Heather K. said...

Hey babe. Your strength is awesome. Your kids are seeing your love for your family and that is a lesson that schools don't teach. One of the great things about homeschooling is that you can pause when something comes up. The kids are still learning. It may not be on a schedule, but you are teaching them wonderful life lessons right now.

Hang in there and get some rest.

Laura McIntyre said...

Im really sorry about mommy but hope you get a rest.

I know its not the correct post but i really enjoyed all your videos, my kids and i watched them together