Saturday, February 16, 2008

Fun Memories with my family

I know these videos wont mean as much to you as they do me, but I did this for I'll have something to look back on the kids are older. I'm just glad we are able to do these videos and have fun during this time.
The videos are not even 2 mins long, but still a little glimpse in my life.
Hope you enjoy!
I was unable to to #7, but will later. These videos are are not in order, but that's okay!


ChrisB said...

Did I see one of you getting a 'strike' it was a bit dark to see clearly! It's good to have videos to look back on and treasure. I'm surprised you have the energy to post anything with all you've been coping with lately! Please don't feel you must come and visit me, I'll still keep looking to see how you are doing if one of your posts shows up in bloglines :)

dawn said...

Wow, you got a strike. Your hair is really nice and long, and looks thick. I like hearing different accents. Glad you can get out and have some fun. Take care of yourself and your family.

kitten said...

Yes, I got 2 strikes in a row. 1 they didn't get is when I fell on my but. LOL! Yes, My hair is really thick and long. I was gonna cut it really short to give my hair to "Locks of Love", but had to cancel because of momma. I will reschedule, I think. LOL!

Robocop said...

These videos were good enough to make the point that your family enjoys their time together.