Wednesday, July 11, 2007

People in my life

I read a post the other day that named the top 10 people in her life positive and negative. I thought it was really neat. And I had all intention of doing it, but as I got to writing it turned out to be little pieces of some of the most important people in my life. What I have wrote was so strong on my heart and couldn't get from it I just went ahead with it. I have learned in my life time if I don't listen to my heart I miss out or mess up. I guess I'm hoping to make a positive influence in some one's life like these have mine.
I do have a large family and they all have made an impact on my life, but these are the ones the most heaviest on my heart.
(not necessarily in order)
#1) I would have to say my mom is one of the most influencing person in my life. She has positive and negative influence in my life, but mostly positive. Some of her traits that I have I guess you can call them sorta both. I guess it's how you look at it or how we use them. She has always been a very independent person. A " I can and have to do it myself" which has both influences. She has always been a very strong person in my eyes. She raised 4 kids all by herself as a nurse mostly working the graveyard shift. She has a weird sense of humor in some people's eye's but so does most her side of the family and I think that is what makes us unique. It is also one reason some people take us wrong. She is the type person (And so am I) that whatever we think comes out. We don't mean to hurt people it just comes out. Also a lot of times when we should open our mouth against those who do us wrong we stay clammed up and sadly to say we open our mouth of the frustrations, because of the stupid people on the ones who hadn't done us wrong. Many people say we are just alike but we aren't just similar in so many ways. My mom has to have new and nice clothes, her hair rolled, her make up on and nails done. I don't have to have it but sometimes go through these stages where I like to do it. I just have to have my hair neat and cleaned, t-shirt and shorts, flip flops or crocks and don't wear make up much. My mom is my best friend even thou we had our problems when I was growing up.
#2- My oldest brother from my mom. He has always been my rock. Sam and I have never fought a day in our lives, I can't say that about my other brothers (whole or half)Sam has a colorful way of saying things. He is one person that has always believed in me and there to cheer me up or back me when ever I need it. Now if I'm in the wrong he we tell me so and I'll take it from him when I wont from others.
#3-My brother Mike- He has always been the different one, but got to love him. He has a dry since of humor and a cheap. I laughed at him here while back because he was shocked when I told him I admired him. I told him I wished I was more like him, laid back. He laugh his quite little laugh and said he guessed it was all that pot he has smoked. Mike is not one to buy you things or even show much emotions, but when I go through hard times he'll come by the house to check on me with dumb excuses. Like one time when Dan Dan had left home he would come by after he got off work and offer me coffee he had left over. That was his way of checking in on the kids and I. Around my birthdays or other special days he will bring me a web site he knows I might like on a piece of paper or a recipe he thinks I may like. He would pick on me when we were little but no one else could. When we were growing up the only time he wanted little sis to hang around was when no one else was around, but we always had a ball. Mike may be quite in his ways but he has always been there in his wired way. I love his weird way, its what makes him so unique.
#4- My baby brother- I have always protected him and he is spoiled rotten. Yes, I take the blame there. Even thou he is spoiled he has turn out to be a good man. Yes, at 34 yrs old he stills at home and never been married, but he takes good care of our mom. He is planning on getting married in December and moving off. I'm wandering who it will be harder on, him or mom.LOL!
#5- My oldest brother living on my dad's side. (1/2 bro,which we hardly make or show that difference unless it shows mom's kids and dad's) Even thou I was 9 when I 1st met him or learned of him, he has always treated me like he has been around me my whole life. Even thou he was taken from my dad at age 5 he acts a lot like daddy. When I need petting he has always been there. Rory is a very loving, caring, backward person. He fits so well with us other kids! LOL! Rory, unlike the others doesn't hide the truth from me. He is straight up, no matter if he knows I will get upset, I guess cause he knows he will hold me up. I just wish I could spend more time with him, but he lives so far away and is a truck driver.
#6- My brother Kenny. Gosh, I miss him so very much! He is the oldest of daddy's 6. He was 18 and I was 9 when he found us. Kenny and Rory's mom took them and hid them at very young age. My daddy tried so hard to find them, but their mom changed their last name and had money that my mom and daddy didn't have. Kenny was old enough to remember another mom & dad, but wasn't sure of the circumstances till he got 18 and was able to come find us. I love him so much! I have mixed emotions about him sometime. He was kind hearted, happy, loving, a gentleman and caring. I have no idea why he thought he had to take his on life at the age 27. For so many years I blamed myself for his death, well not the reason, not being able to stop it. I was 18 and on the wild side. I drank a little here and there. About 4 days before his death I had him so strong on my heart. I asked some in the family for his phone number, but didn't try too hard. I have wonder so much through the years if I had of just took heed of that strong need to get a hold of him if he wouldn't still be alive. I guess I'll never know.
#7- My dear sweet Aunt Shirley, God Rest Her Soul! Aunt Shirley died of cancer close to the same time I lost Kenny. My mom and others say I should have belong to Aunt Shirley and her daughter should have been my mom's. I'm a lot her. I went to visit her when she was dying. She sent everyone out of the room when I got there grabbed me and started crying. She told me how glad that someone as strong as her came because she needed someone to help her hold up and she was tired of the 2 cry babies.(My mom and her daughter) She died 2 days later. I have never felt that I was as strong as her. She was so fun loving, silly, full of life and just enjoyed everyday to the fullest.
#8- My grandaddy on my mom's side. We called him Di Di.(It is pronounced like die die) He was a loving, kind, soft spoken man. He was a lot fun, but strict. He was always there for us kids. I guess cause my momma was his baby and our daddy wasn't there. He owned a country store and believed if you wanted something you should work for it. That is one thing I took to heart and still hold to that till this day. He died near a year before Aunt Shirley and Kenny.
These 3 plus the next person I'm going to tell about had a big impact on my life. The good and bad. Sometimes I wish I still had them near to be able to go to them in my times of need. But I guess I need learned to take up their slack.
#9- Uncle Jack! He died when I was 11. That man always made a point to make me feel good about my self. He was a preacher and owned a mechanic shop. He would go around singing. "They say my little Katie did, but I know my little Katie didn't" He always wanted me to sing at church and it would make some of the family mad because they would say, "why let her sing when she can't carry a tune and ___________&_____________ have a beautiful voice. He would say, she isn't up there to be seen she is singing from the heart. Uncle Jack was a big man! Not fat, tall and big. I remember laying on his back in his study while he read his Bible looking over his shoulder. I remember a few times he would take me to tupelo with him to this shoe store and have me some shoes made for me. Back then they didn't make many shoes for x-tra skinny feet. LOL!
#10- Uncle Buddy. He is momma's next to oldest brother. He loves to argue! I just love to get him stirred up. Uncle Buddy is a mess. He just loves to pick and try to pick a argument. Not in a mean way thou. He's not lovely dubby like the rest, but he shows his love in picking on ya!
Maybe next time I'll do what I 1st started here.

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