Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy 4th to ALL!

Our 4th was a lot better than last year and I guess it will continue to get better each year. For those who don't know one of my Bil's is in the PEN. Last year was our 1st year without him and it was a real big bummer. Not even the kids were into it. Uncle M was always the fire cracker man. He was the one that bought a bunch of firecrackers and put on a really big show for the whole family. Our 4th this year was simple but a little more up beat. My husband and daddy in law killed a hog and BBQ ed it. We made home made banana ice cream and the kids shot firecrackers.
Uncle M has just a little over/under 8 years left. I guess our 4ths will be okay, but nothing compared to when he gets home. Even thou Uncle M and me fight like brother and sister I miss the little ole fart!
Happy 4th to Uncle M and all!

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