Friday, July 13, 2007

More about dyslexia!

I have 3 kids with dyslexia and like others I have tons of questions. I'm a person that loves to research. I'm at my happiest when I have something I can look up and dig dig dig, then dig some more.
I have been studying the brain. I had remembered something back when I took Psychology. You have a left and right side of the brain. We live in a left brain world. But kids or people with dyslexia are right brained people. That's what makes them different. Read over the things I have wrote below and see which one describes your child. This should really help you in which way to as far as understanding and helping them learn.

Linear and Holistic. Linear means part-to-whole. The left-brained person takes little pieces, lines them up, arranges them in logical order, and arrives at a convergent conclusion. The right-brained person thinks whole-to-part, holistically. The child with a dominant right hemisphere starts with the answer, a total concept, or perceives the whole pattern and discovers a divergent conclusion.

Symbolic and Concrete. Left-hemispheric children think in symbols; they deal with symbols, they can function with symbols. Right-hemispheric children deal with the concrete; they learn by doing, touching, moving, being in the middle of things

Sequential and Random. The left brain approaches life sequentially, while the right brain floats randomly through life’s experiences.

Logical and Intuitive. (The) Logical (person) knows exactly where he gets his answers. He starts out with a little piece of information and logically works toward an end result. Right-brained children are intuitive; they are not logical. They pull the answers right out of the air. They can give you the answer to a long-division problem but they may not be able to work through the sequential steps.

Reality-based and Fantasy-oriented. Left-hemispheric children can deal with reality, with the way thing are. Left-hemispheric children are very much affected by the environment and will adjust to it. If something is presented to them they will shift and react. If something is not there for left-hemispheric children, it doesn’t exist for them.

Right-hemispheric children will try to change the environment, to make it shift and react to meet their needs in any way they know how. They deal with fantasy, with imagery, with imagination.

Temporal and Non-temporal. Left-hemispheric children have a sense of time. Right-hemispheric children have very little sense of time. They simply do not comprehend when you set time limits. They cannot think in any terms except the here and now.


ophelia3431 said...

ty so much Kitten

such awesome info

shirleyhill said...

Lordy help me, I've got both left and right hemispheric kids! I always knew that they were like oil and vinegar!

Ami said...

I totally love that you're homeschooling YOURSELF, too. I think the most important thing we, as homeschoolers, can teach our children is that there is always something to learn.
It's a wonderful example to them all to see us learning, too.