Friday, December 28, 2007

Part 3 of momma & my Holiday

I know ya'll think I'm silly doing this in parts, but it's just so much I want wrote down for memories. With this being the most peaceful Christmas in a long time I really want to be able to look back on these moments.
Momma is doing fine and we have decided to try to keep her out of the hospital unless it's just a have to. The next time she gets really down we are going to request a home nurse to come in. I still think she needs her oxygen, but her Dr is on vacation. (Her lung Dr) I have talked to the boys and told them I need some help so, we are going to get together and make us a schedule. I know I'll have to be the one giving her bath's & cleaning house, but they are going to have to take up some of the other slack and have agreed, we just need to come up with a game plan. Momma called and bought her a Border Collie yesterday and my oldest brother is going go with her today and pick it up. I think her having a sweet dog there with her will help her from getting so lonely.
Christmas at Dan's Mom's If any has read my post about my Thanksgiving or has known me for a little while, you know I have a lady that makes me sick to my stomach that is married to my brother in law. I also have a niece on Dan Dan's side that can drive me crazy! They both ganged up on me Thanksgiving and made my time with Daniel's family miserable. Well!, I really didn't want to go to his mom's or grandmother's, but I also really wanted to go. Well, I went anyways for Dan's and the kids sake. (I had went up for prayer our last church service before the Holidays because of this situation because I knew if I went half cocked it would turn out ugly and I would look like the bad guy. But I just wanted a peaceful Holiday!) We went to Dan's mom's house Christmas Eve after we left momma's and as soon as I walked in his momma walked up to me and told me to not worry I was going to have a good time and stay away from the evil 2. She was right! We had the happiest time we have had in a while. The lady from HELL tried a few times to start something, but every time Dan's mom stepped in. Boy! It was wonderful!
(Here are a few pictures of our Christmas get together at Mom Irene's house)

(The last 2 pictures are Dan's mom & the 2nd picture is of his step dad with kb.)
I will post my final post of Maw's tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful it turned out so great. I am sure you leaving at Thanksgiving had something to do with Dan's mom taking a stand, and of course your prayer time. I am so happy for you that your few days of family dinners turned out so great. I hope things work well with taking care of your mom.

crystal said...

Glad to hear that you got to spend some quality holiday time with your mom and that you MIL took care of you that way!
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Holly said...

I'v been offline for a while, but I wanted to say just how glad I am that your Christmas turned out well. I hope you get some rest soon. Being everyone's caretaker can be very tiring. Even jsut allowing yourself to have quiet time with a cup of tea everyday will be good for your soul. Hugs.