Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Part 2 of momma and my Holiday

As you can tell from my post below that Christmas at momma's went extremely well! As far our house it was just as pleasing! This has been a very hard year financially and with momma & Daniel being sick a lot has had me stressed! I had gotten a little down when mom went in the hospital, I just got tired of holding my head so high, but God stepped in and took care! I know it's not about the gifts and that wasn't my concern, well maybe a little for my kids sake. But I knew that Dan & I had a little for ours and had talked to them and they were cool with not getting much. It was just the over whelming of bills had started taking its toll on me. Well, while mom was in the hospital somebody walked up to me and handed me some money and told me to go pay a bill. I was shocked because I hadn't told anyone, so I went and payed the bill. Two days later my little brother called me and told me to come over. When I got there he handed me $250. I busted out crying! He said somebody gave him the money to give to me, but wouldn't tell me who. I was able to finish paying my water bill, some groceries and get the kids some shoes (that was badly needed) to go with the little things they had asked for. I know all this shall pass and I shouldn't get so upset, but some times it can get you down! I'm just so Thankful that I serve a God who takes care me in my time of need!
Christmas morning Daniel's dad had spent the night and was there with us to enjoy the kids. He said he was so glad to be at our house because my kids was so thankful for what they had and we were just so happy! He said that he had been at Daniel's oldest brother's house the year before and the kids did nothing but fight and fuss of who got the most or the best! He said my kids may not had a lot of gifts, but had more that the others, which is love! that made me feel really good.
(Here's a few pictures of our Christmas morning.)

I will post about Dan Dan's mom's and grandmother's either tonight or tomorrow. Just depends on my day.
I hope you and yours had as much of a lovely time as mine did!


Anonymous said...

I am glad your day two went really well also. That is so awesome about your blessings, and it is great to have kids so thankful.

Wendy Hawksley said...

I am very happy to hear that you had a wonderful Christmas with family. I hope your week continues to be a celebration, surrounded by loved ones, and that the new year brings all of you prosperity in all its forms!

lisa's chaos said...

I'm so happy there were some people to lend a hand when needed. :)

In the second photo, the boy doesn't look too happy. Did you drag him away from a toy? :)

Merry late Christmas.

GailV said...

Hugs to you, honey. I'm glad you can see the good that is in all of this.

karisma said...

Looks like you had a good xmas. I think that this is what christmas is all about. Helping each other and being with family. Much more important than material gifts. Im glad it turned out well for you and the kids look quite satisfied to me.

God bless.

Robinella said...

Your Christmas shows the true spirit, Kitten. I'm glad things worked out for all of you! Hugs.

Pamela said...

the true spirit of Christmas in some hearts. nice.

kitten said...

Gosh, JB is happy, he just trying to act like he;s bad. LOL!