Monday, December 03, 2007

My little Rocker dude

One of the ladies from the DJ wanted pitures of long hair on a boy. Well, just so happens my oldest is going through that stage and I think it looks good on him. So, here are a 2 pictures in 2 different stages.
The first picture is a fresh hair cut, mostly just a trim and shaping.
The second picture it has growed out 2 weeks. Not long after that we go back for another trim.


Mama Drama Jenny said...

I like the long-haired look. Very cute!

Dawn said...

Our son had longer hair a couple of years ago, then went to get a trim at a barber, and the old guy gave him a girl cut, and used a round brush to blow dry it under in the back. T was horrified, wore hoody for 12 hours until I took him to a different place and the guy said he couldn't fix it, it would look like a shorter girl cut. T has had a Caesar cut ever since, and I must say, when I boy gets his hair cut after having it long, he sure looks a lot older, or at least T matured about 3 years.

Holly said...

DS goes back and forth. He wears his hair long, then it gets hot and he gets it cut off. Right now it's "short on top for spikies, long in back." When we went for his last haircut, the woman asked me how I wanted it cut, I told him to tell her. She looked at me and said, "But what style?" I said, "He just told you what he wanted." She couldn't believe I was going to let a 5 year old determine his hair cut.