Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I was tagged! And answer to your questions.

8 Things I Am Looking Forward To:
1- A little time for myself.
2- A little time away with my family.
3- Summer! I can’t wait to go swimming!
4- Summer break from school.
5- Pay off my van and get something a little better.
6- My momma to get better.
7- More time on the computer.
8- No more rain!

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

1- Got up at 5:30 and fixed breakfast.
2- Got JB up by 6:30 and off to school by 7:30
3- Went to momma’s. (Monday’s is house-cleaning day at mom’s.)
4- Left mom’s at 5 and went to picked JB up from basketball practice.
5- Cooked super.
6- Washed dishes and picked my house some.
7- Watched one of my shows.
8- Went to bed about 11 or so.

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

1- Finish my book I started writing and write the one I really want.
2- Loose 50 or so pounds.
3- Take my kids and travel the USA and maybe a few other places. (Would be a great homeschooling experience.)
4- Finish fixing my house up.
5- Get some answers to some why's (I agree 100% on this one!)
6- Be able to pay off most our bills for we could breathe easier.
7- Teach drama.
8- I wish I could reach out to more starving kids here in the USA.

8 Shows I Watch:

2- Eleventh Hour
3- Criminal Minds
4- Law & Order: Criminal Intent
5- CSI (Thursday)
6- CSI New York
7- House
8- Cold Case

Guess what? You have been tagged!!
I’m not going to pick just one person, but if you want to play, please be my guest!

About Momma:

We can’t get help with momma outside the family until September when her Medicare kicks in with her private insurance.
My little brother helps her pay bills and stays with her at night.
My oldest brother drives a truck, but forks out money on things we need for momma.
My next to oldest brother helps fix things at mom’s when he comes around.
My kids and youngest niece helps stay with mom when Dada or I can’t be there, but they can’t all the things I can.
My oldest three nieces have too much Drama in their life and other things.


karisma said...

Looks like you have some great goals to look forward to there. Im sure you will get there. Hugs

I will try and have a go at the meme later. Another busy day today, with school work and then an outing!

Take care.

jettied said...

A great list!!!!!!!!!!! i hope all you want comes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I think now I remeber you saying something about that help being available later!! it is nice you do have others to help out with other things for your Mom...But you still need a bit of a break. I hope it is sunny there today!! And have a wonderful Mothers Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pamela said...

you cook super? yum. ha ha ha ha
(I knew what you meant)

I'm glad to see that you aren't the only one helping your mom. I was worried about that.

dawn said...

I am glad to hear you have others in the family helping in the ways they can. Also good to hear there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you will be able to get help in September.