Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Then there were 6!

Yes, I have 6 grand baby pups! Only thing is we are not! keeping any of them. We already have 3 in the pen and Sammie in the house. No room for any more pups.
I came home from taking mom to the Dr and the kids got to telling me the babies names. I stopped them quick! Nope! We are not getting attached! I'm not getting attached. In 4- 6 weeks I'm giving the pretty little darlings away!
We have a white one with spots, 2 black ones, 2 dark colored and one brown. So, if any one is up to some pups, just call me up!


Ami said...


I want to come over and see them in person.

If I start driving now, I'll be there just in time to adopt one, huh?


Jettie said...

OOHHH congrats!!!!!!!! Looks like momma is doing great!! they are so cute!!! wish I could drive on over!!

Pamela said...

mommy reminds me of a dog we had as a kid. best dog ever.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm such a softie; it's a good thing I didn't end up with 6 puppies.

kitten said...

I'm a big softy also. That's why I don't want to get attached!

dawn said...

My kids would take one or two, but there is a logistics problem. No, it isn't distance, it is the same as for your kids. Mom says 'NO'.