Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good morning to all my wonderful friends! Just how in the world are you?! It sure is a beautiful day!

All my life up to a few years ago, this was me every morning. I woke up between 5 & 5:30 Am singing like a little mocking bird, cook breakfast without missing a beat, get my babies ready and off to work I would go. Sometimes it would make Dan so mad because I would wake him up singing and he couldn't understand how someone could wake up singing. I would wake my kids and sing cute little songs, most of the songs I made up.

Here are the ones I made up with their names…

A.R.O.N. My name is Aron and my game just begun. I got blonde hair, blue eyes, a cute little smile, and a giggle on the side!

J.O.S.H. My name is Josh and I got what it takes! I got red hair, blue eyes, a cute little smile, and a giggle on the side.

K.A.T.I.E. My name is Katie yes sir wee. I got brown hair, blues eyes, a cute little smile, and a giggle on the side.

(I couldn't make the song good with Katie Beth)

There was this person I worked with once and she could not stand me. I could not figure out for the life of me why she didn't like me. A friend at work had told me plus I could tell that she didn't like me by the way she treated me. One morning she turns around and yells at me, you just make me sick! Before I could ask her why I made her sick she told me she couldn't understand how someone could be so happy all the time! I couldn't help but giggle a little bit and with my smart mouth, I told her maybe it was because I had the pleasure of working with her and went back to work. Well, this pissed her off! After watching her blood boil for about 30 minutes, I walked over to her station and told her I didn't know why I was happy all the time, but it sure beat being pissy all the time and went back to work.

Here in the last few years I don't wake up with a song in my heart or a spring in my step. It's if my spring has sprung and I'm quite the first hour. I'm still pretty much a happy go lucky person, but not so early in the morning anymore. Yesterday morning I woke up with a quite song in my heart and it got louder as the day went on. I miss those kinds of mornings. I guess it's because I'm getting old that my spring has sprung. LOL!

What kind of morning person are you? Has your spring sprung? Do you wish you never had to wake up?

Hope You have a Happy!





Ami said...

I'm grumpy in the morning.

Hubby and I tiptoe around each other. We exchange few words, because we both know.

About an hour or so after I wake up, I'm in a lot better mood.

My mom is like a bird... gets up at the crack of dawn and chirps.

Drives me insane.


Anonymous said...

I'm an early riser but I don't know about waking up singing ;-). I just like to have some quiet time in the morning.

Jettie said...

OOHH I so agree with you. i used to be more singiny in the morning...I have along the way becuse of a few things....gotten kinda down. I try to be and love my kids to wake up happy to but latley it's just kinda hum...

dawn said...

I wake up slowly and my mind doesn't work. I am not necessarily grumpy, unless someone tries to make me think or calls me grumpy. I love your little bit about the co-worker. I had a friend who home schooled her kids but for a short time they were in school and my aunt was their teacher (she was mine when I went to that school so many years ago). Anyway, the oldest girl, rather serious, said she didn't like my aunt (to her mom--when the girl was 8). The mom asked why and in exasperation, she said,"Because she is just too cheerful". I don't think you would drive me crazy for being happy after reading your posts, but I do know people who talk positive all the time and it just comes across as fake, and that I have a tough time dealing with. I think you come across as sincerely happy, and the world needs more people like you. Perhaps you daughter will keep the spring going and I think once the stress of your mom, and even with the kids at their age, is alleviated, you will find your spring again.