Sunday, March 22, 2009

March winds

When I think of March I think of flying kites. I have always loved to fly kites. There is not much room where we live to fly a kite, but we go to our local park and fly them there. We haven't been kite flying yet, but hopefully Saturday will be nice enough to take the kids out to the park and fly our kites.
As I was thinking about flying kites I found this poem.
Hope you enjoy!

Kite Days
by Mark Sawyer

A kite, a sky, and a good firm breeze,

And acres of ground away from trees,

And one hundred yards of clean, strong string --

O boy, O boy! I call that Spring!


Wendy Hawksley said...

Did you get out to fly kites?

We were at the huge local park on Thursday, in the playground area, and on our way to the water fountain noticed kites.

Yes, we always knew this as a time of year to fly kites too. Our dad would take us out to fly them every March!

Jettie said...

OOHh wind is anyways!1
did ya fly some kites??? If we would of here I fear we would of lost our kites I fear!!

Pamela said...

we just got back from the Oregon Coast -- and there were so many kites up on the beach