Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am

I found this at Ami's
Here is my poem and here is where you can make your own.

I Am

I am Soft hearted and goofy
I wonder what I will do when my kids gorw up and leave home.
I hear Angel wings
I see hearts with wings flying around.
I want my kids to grow up and be successful
I am soft hearted and goofy

I pretend to drive my van as a stick shift with my Dt Mt Dew bottle
I feel groovy
I touch the clouds
I worry about my kids
I cry when someone hurts my kids or something bad happens.
I am soft hearted and goofy

I understand Life don't turn out the way you always want it to.
I say I believe in music and love.
I dream I could travel the world.
I try to be the best I can be.
I hope My kids know how much I love them.
I am Soft hearted and goofy.

Ps. My shock face has turned into a worry face. I'm not sure what's going to happen, but will explain in due time.
Hope all is well with you!


karisma said...

I believe in "YOU"! And you are so NOT goofy! Beautiful poem my love. Much love coming your way from me!

You know life throws a lot of shit my way too! I also have a tendency to be too soft and want everyone to be good. Unfortunately, everyone is NOT good and they do not care either. I think we need to tough up a bit, and not let everyone walk all over us hey? We should totally have a girls holiday together! LOL!

But now if we are talking kids. Keep the faith, they have a tendency to accept change and learn from their mistakes.

karisma said...

Woops I forgot.....Big big hugs and smoochies xxxoooxxxoooxxx Mwah

Jettie said...

Yours is beautiful!! i did mine...after reading mine...I thought If I post this I'd probably get told to see a counsler!!