Friday, March 13, 2009

I have been home all week.

JB has been sick. The Dr did 2 flu test and both were negative. The Dr still believes he had the flu. Because JB was so sick I wasn't able to go to mom's. I couldn't take the chance of getting momma sick. My youngest niece stayed with momma this week since I couldn't go over there. I still worry about momma though.
Let me tell you! It has been busy over here! Dan didn't get to do any side jobs because of the rain, so he was home all week. We had my great nephew all week and I had to take JB to the Dr 3 times because he was so sick. I took over KB's lessons and gave Rocker Dude a break.
I don't know what is more tiring, being here all week with so many people and all the happenings or being over at mom's all day.
It does feel good not have to go to mom's, I needed a break, but I still worry about her.
Next week is Spring Break! We don't have any plans, but I do know I will back at mom's. I hope this week end will be calmer.
Hope you have a Happy!


Pamela said...

you needed a break? Not much of a break ..... whew!

Anonymous said...

I hope everyone is better soon. Not much of a break to be sure!

SabrinaT said...

You need a break! Want to join me on my island???