Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You are not going to believe this!

I took momma to get her treatment yesterday. Before we got started her portable oxygen tank messed up. It keeps spewing oxygen everywhere! Luckily we had a big bottle. With all the upset of the tanks we were running late. I was trying to get out of the door without Topper (Mom's dog) and he ran right under my feet. Now, I'm running around another 20 minutes trying to catch this dog. Momma calls ahead and gives us 30 minutes, but if I don't get the dog in we won’t make it. About that time momma goes into the house and gets his treat bag and starts to shake it. Topper runs right to her and into the house! Argh! I can't help but laugh at myself for not thinking of the treats and how our morning is getting off. I finally get her to the infusion center and all is going pretty well. We get home and Topper has torn the house up! He was not happy that we left him in the house all by himself. We can’t leave him outside because he will get hung up and when we go for her treatment we are gone about 5-6 hours. I had swept and mopped before we left. I also cleaned a few other things also. So, when I walked in the door and saw the mess I just laughed and told momma I was going to empty all of her oxygen tanks that I had picked up and get the other stuff out of the car before I dwelt with his mess. After I helped her get into the house I started out the door and when I took a step out the back door my left popped and my big self fell out her back door! I couldn’t help but sit there in pain for about 10 minutes before I said a word. Mom came out there and sat in a chair beside me because she couldn’t help me. All the sudden I start laughing and momma wanted to know what I was laughing at. I told her I finally knew what my granddaddy (DiDi) meant by Blue Monday! Daniel came and got me took me to the ER to have my foot x-rayed. They say it is not broke, but if not better in 2 days go and have my regular Dr X-ray it. Well, I can’t put any weight on it; it is black, purple and swollen. Now, I need to figure out what I’m going to do because with my big self it is not easy using crutches and how I'm going to take care of momma.
I still can’t help but to laugh at myself and at the same time shake my head.

"If you want to be happy, set a goal that
commands your thoughts, liberates your
energy, and inspires your hopes."
- Andrew Carnegie


Wendy Hawksley said...

Oh my gosh, thank goodness you can laugh about the crazy Monday mishaps!

I hope your foot heals up quickly and that it feels better soon.

Ami said...

I have a friend here locally who would do what you did. Laugh.

You're probably healthier because of it.

I'd scream and rant. And be pissy for days.

Jettie said...

OOHH Dear!!! I woulda been in tears!!! I hope it too heals better and that today is much better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give yourself a hug for me!!!

A Spot of T said...

I would have sat there and cried. Seriously. Sometimes a good cry is just like a good laugh :o) Hope your foot is better soon!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my! They say laughter is healing. I hope so! I'm sorry to hear you're hurting. Hopefully some others will help you out with your momma until you are back on your feet (literally).

Take care!

storyteller said...

Ohmygosh … and I thought MY morning was challenging! Sometimes laughter IS the only appropriate response, but yours makes mine look like a piece of cake even though I was 45 minutes late to my PSE6 class. I sure hope your foot isn’t broken and that it feels better soon.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Lord have mercy, darling.

I hope your foot is okay and you have a speedy recovery. I laugh when things go so very wrong too.

Well, actually I run through all the curse words I know first, THEN I laugh. It really is good medicine.

karisma said...

Oh my! And I thought I had a crappy couple of days! I hope you heal quickly. You should get the kids to help you, they are big enough now! Many hands make light work! (Thats of course if one can get those hands working! LOL!)

Big hugs and smoochies to you xxxxxxx

MOM #1 said...

Girl, you deserve a break today! Come on over for some iced tea.

karisma said...

Just stopping by to give you more hugs xxxxxxxxxxxx

Pamela said...

so sorry for you. I know how awful it is to be one legged (been there)

I'm glad you have kids to help you ?

Me, the islands and the world said...

i admire your ever-present humor. I would have been really pissed :)