Saturday, November 08, 2008

Just the topping on my week.

We didn't buy a pumpkin to carve this year. I know, bad momma! KB did decorate a pumpkin at the church we been visiting. It's the one I used in the cartoons I made of the kids wishing y'all a Happy Halloween. Well, last night she got on Rocker Dude's nerves about not having a pumpkin carved. So, he took her pumpkin out to carve it for her. The top of the pumpkin was so hard that he could hardly get a knife in it. When he did get a knife in it he had to pull really hard to get it out and almost cut his finger off. So, I had to rush him to the ER! The Dr that was there was a jerk!!! (Super Sized!) He came in the room and asked Aron if he cut himself. Aron said, "No, I just came to visit you!" The Dr said, "Oh, we have one of those." The Dr was UGLY to Aron the rest of the time. Matter fact he didn't even check to make sure his finger was numb before he started sewing up his finger. On the 1st stitch Aron yelled out real loud! I asked him if he could feel it and he said, yes mam! The Dr spoke up and said that he didn't that he was just yelling to be yelling. That pissed me off! I know Aron wouldn't tell me that if it wasn't true plus his face turned flushed. I know Aron had said a smart remark at 1st, but that Dr had no right treating him the way he did.
(When Aron is really nervous he tries to make light of the situation and to keep from panicking)
2 visits in one week to the ER is more than enough for me~~


Ami said...

Oh that's just awful.

So sorry he got hurt, and how terrible of that doctor to be such an A-hole.

I'd report it.


Pamela said...

ER staff become calloused after awhile. They have so much junk come thru that I think they have difficult time separating the riff from the raff. They get tired of the drug addicts - and the hypochondriacs that waste their time.

I'm not excusing his behavior -
My middle daughter was an ER nurse - so I know how exhausted and short tempered they can be.

Junebug said...

Oh my gosh! When I read this, ewwww it makes me so squeamish to hear about deep cuts. I hope it heals fast and that you have no more visits to the ER. Sorry about that DR. My dad was skinning a squirrel once when I was little and I was watching. He just about sliced his thumb off. He had me run get the salt and he poured it on it. Owwww!!! He didn't go get any stitches but that was back in the day, you know what I mean. Also he was the dad and I guess he was his own boss!

kitten said...

My mom has been a nurse over 44 years, so I've seen all kinds of docs and know some of what they go through, but that is still my baby even though he is 15. :)

SabrinaT said...

OH MY GOSH!! You need a vacation, cup of hot coco, and a (((((Kitten))))!!
I would report that jerk!

ChrisB said...

The doc may get tired and fed up with all the rubbish he deals with but he should always remain professional and that doesn't sound very professional to me! Hope it heals soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I would have had trouble holding myself back. I probably would have, at least until he was done sewing him up.

If he's an ER dr, then he needs to be prepared to deal with comments from people in pain. Everyone handles it differently, and he needs to behave respectful and most importantly do his job properly!

MOM #1 said...

Well, you already know how I handle rude doctors and nurses, you have to be the Hard Nosed Advocate. Even when your skin is crawling with heebie jeebies and you just want someone to hold you tight and tell you it's going to be ok, you have to be a hard nosed advocate.


Being a Mom is such hard work sometimes.

storyteller said...

OUCH! I’m sorry about Aron’s thumb and the bad experience you had at the ER! I hope his finger will heal quickly and you get some ‘down time’ to relax and recover.
Hugs and blessings,

karisma said...

How rude! I would have demanded another doctor! I hope he feels better soon. Hugs xxx

jettied said...

OOHh dear!! My Dear!!! You have been threw alot!
Poor kid...Jerk dr's what a pain!!! like he couldn't of just chukled to make your boy feel better!!! i think I would complain too!!!

dawn said...

Wow, you had a crazy week again.((Hugs)). We have had bad situations with doctors in emergency as well, quite irritating. I agree with Pamela too; my sister also works in health care and there are some crazy things they deal with, not an excuse though.