Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Think Pink

I found this over at Story Tellers who was tagged by Antoinette for the Pink Sisterhood Meme. She wrote:

"I’ve lost several friends through Breast Cancer. We can only hope that there will always be funds enough to keep the research going. Some illnesses can never be cured, but there’s been so much progress in Cancer Research that many people have been saved.
One of the most important things is Early Detection. Read more about that here.

* One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her lifetime.

* Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.

* Every 13 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

* Seventy-seven percent of women with breast cancer are over 50.

* Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.

* Risks for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.

* Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival."

Facts taken from Women’s Health

And now here is the tag and the rules:

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PINK Sisterhood

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(I was able to get all links but one)
I'm going to break the rules and leave it open for those who choose to join. I do urge you to, but because of time I'm going to leave it up to you to spread the word. I have never had breat cancer, but have had to have 2 lumps removed in the last few years. Let me tell you, it is a scary thought.
Please join 'the Pink Sisterhood' if you choose and leave me a link when you do.

If you decide to participate, please leave me a link
so I can visit you & those you 'tag' or invite.

I also found this little fun @ Story Tellers: Hope you have FUN!

Your Passion is Pink!

You're the type of woman that would never get described as passionate...

Oh but you can be passionate at times - you just don't let it show.

Your passion most shows through in your sweet and optimistic attitude.

And chances are, most people are very passionate about you!


Wendy Hawksley said...

That is wonderful! My mom had breast cancer; so did her maternal aunt and one maternal cousin; the other cousin has cervical cancer. Our great-great-great grandmother died of breast cancer.

I'm always so pleased to see the continued awareness-raising efforts for this disease!

SabrinaT said...

That is great!!

storyteller said...

Thanks for the linky-love and for participating in this meme. I hope others will join as well. How interesting that your passion is PINK (according to the blogthing) just like me ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

MOM #1 said...

This is wonderful and pink is my FAVORITE color.

dawn said...

I am purple passionate.
"You've got a ton of passion, but you don't always wear it on your sleeve.
If something truly excites you, you let your inner intensity shine through.
But otherwise, your passion tends to morph into energy ... which you never lack.
You're a balanced woman, knowing when to turn on the fire in your heart."
I like purple