Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weird Weather? & Happy Mother's Day!

Earth Quake, in Pontotoc a little after noon (Here, I have my shock face on!) And then tornadoes come through late night. (No shock face on this one.) I'm not one to get nervous over storms. Matter fact, I get real sleepy and get a good night sleep. (Here, you have on your shock face) Last night was a little different, I didn't get to go to bed and sleep. DJ had gone on a Boy Scout trip Friday night and all day Saturday and was very tired when he got home. My little brother was supposed to stay all week end with mom, but his plans got changed. So, when DJ got home Saturday, I took him over to momma's to stay with her and I cleaned her house. When the storms started coming in about 7:30- 8 PM, I started watching the weather. They said we had supper cells and tornadoes were popping up out of no where. I was about to go to sleep on the couch, then I thought I better call and check on momma and DJ. He is not normally nervous either, but when I would say, “do you need me“, he would say, “I don’t Know.” With momma having a broke rib I thought it would best if I went on over. When I got there I found out why DJ was acting a little nervous, he was sleepy and worried he wouldn’t wake up to help momma if he needed to. I told him to go to bed and I would stay a while and watch. A tornado did do some damage in Southern Pontotoc and other places, but I haven’t heard anything this morning. After that little storm went through they said on the news that a storm was coming through the center on Pontotoc, which is where we live, and it was a 9.9 on a scale of 1-10 for potential tornado. Just before this storm went through momma started having major problems breathing. I was glad I was there. The storm went through faster than the rest and didn’t cause a tornado here and soon after, momma’s breathing went back to normal. It was about 1Am then, so I wished momma a Happy Mother’s Day and went home. I even laughed and told her that I was the 1st to tell her Mother’s day.
Now, I would like to wish all my Blogging Momma's a Very Happy mother's day. Here is 2 little treats below, from me to you!

(You may have to click on 2nd picture to read)


karisma said...

Wow sounds like quite a night!

Happy Mothers Day to you too! I hope you got some sleep!

Junebug said...

Happy Mother's Day to you. We had a wonderful day today. Those storms in Pitcher, Oklahoma were devastating. We live about two hours southwest of there. We're always in the path though.