Sunday, May 04, 2008

Fun & crazy Saturday!

That's a little bit of an understatement! LOL! I did have a wonderful Saturday, but had way too much crammed into one day. Let me give you the short version run down of my day, and then I'll top it off with just a few of the many pictures I took.
Dan was supposed to take KB & JB to the fishing rodeo and I was supposed to take Aron to the church and clean while he did the car wash with the teens. Well, you know nothing ever goes as planned. My nephew CR stayed the night, so after cooking breakfast I had to help Dan get all the kids to the lake because his truck is too small to carry more than 3. Aron had spent the night with mom, because of the tornadoes. We got to the rodeo and I had an hour to spare before going and get Aron. Paw Paw brought our little Eagle- Li to join us. Dan was having problems helping all the kids, so momma said she would take Aron to the church and I could go and help after the rodeo. So, that's what I did. After the rodeo I went to the church and help wash a few cars, and paint some bookshelves and toy box. JB called and needed me to come home to take more pictures of his fish, because he had caught one more after the rodeo. So, I stopped by a thrift store on the way to look for the kids some clothes and found KB a beautiful little dress. Went on home and took the pictures, then went back to the church to help clean. I cleaned the bathrooms, and helped do the finishing touches on the inside. The guy, who was supposed to bring a big mower for the yard, didn't show. Our pastor had worked all day with a weed eater & a push mower. I felt bad for him so I went and got our lawn mower to help. Another member had been out of pocket for the day, but had come by to see if anything else needed done. When he saw us using push mowers on that big yard he went and got his rider. We mowed and weed eated till about 7pm, then I came home took a bath and went to clean mom's house since I didn't get it done on Friday.

Josh won 1st place in his age group, plus they draw-ed his name for a prize. His 1st place prize was a real nice rod-n-reel and a $50 savings bond.

Katie-Beth won3rd place in her age group. She won a tackle box, and then she got her name drawn and won a canteen.

Eli didn't catch anything, but they still draw-ed his name. He enjoyed the play ground more than anything. LOL!

Caleb got his named drawn also and won a toy. He caught one fish, but enjoyed the playground much more as well.

Remember my cousin that got married Easter? This is his son. His mom found someone to bring him also. He joined in with us and had a lot of fun also. His big fish is up above.

I can't leave my Big Boy out. Even thou he didn't get to go the rodeo, he had a lot fun in spite of the work. He is raising money to go to summer camp.

They will have another Fishing rodeo in a few weeks. Hopefully that day wont so cramped packed and Aron can come and join us.

I'll be back in a while to catch up on my post reading and get ready for Fun Monday!
Hope you have a wonderful day!


Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, what an amazing day.

Robinella said...

That did look fun and those fish are HUGE! Yeah, Kids!!

Hope you got some rest after all that.

Junebug said...

That was a lot for you to do in one day. You must be named Wonder Woman. :D

Jettied said...

OOH for fun!!! love those pics...looked to be a warm sunny it was 43!! big fish too!! And I love how your Mom is there and helps out how wonderful!!

jettied said...

psss no kidding Wonder women is right!!

dawn said...

Wow, it looks like a lot of fun. Here we call it a fishing derby and rodeos are for cowboys and broncos. You did a whole lot in one day, you must be exhausted, I know I am reading about it. I think you can do it because you are on a mission.