Saturday, May 03, 2008

Say Something Saturday (5)

Here is Ami's Say Something Saturday assignment...

Today was busier than yesterday (I'll post that with lots of pictures later)Plus, due to tornadoes yesterday and last night, I'm just getting Internet service. We wasn't hit hard, but the county above us was hit really hard.
So, that is why I haven't been on today. Well, Back to SSS....

If only I hadn't lost my temper.

If I'd refused to talk to my best friend's husband and let his stupid self tick me off and called her at a different time instead, then loosing my best friend wouldn't have happened.

(Sad to admit, this really happened this week. I think I'm more upset of loosing my temper on the phone at the check out in Wal-Mart than loosing her as a friend. But I was not going to sit there and let someone cuss me and call me a liar. Yes, I know! I should have handle it different and it's out of my character, but he just hit me the wrong way at the wrong time.)


Hootin' Anni said...

Happy to hear that the tornadoes didn't do damage around your seems this year there are a lot of them hitting our country!

Have a blessed Sunday.

[and p.s. --I'd done the same thing, lose my temper then think differently...that's life.]

dawn said...

I think with so much on your plate, being out of character once in a while is bound to happen. I hope things improve.