Thursday, October 02, 2008

Thank you...

I'm okay. Really. I have been real busy this week. I was done wrong and accused of stuff I didn't do, but I'm good. The only reason I haven't posted why is because of the circumstances. The church gets hit enough and I didn't want to be one to add to it. I understand you are always going to have a few in the church that likes to keep something stirred up. But, I left my church this week. I haven't left God and don't have another church in mind yet, but I'm still okay. I'm leaving today going on an Emmaus Walk (see below) and wont be back home till late Sunday night. After a being gone 4days with a phone, car or watch and no, "Katie, can you do this or that" I bet I'll be refreshed. I'm not sure what all is involved, but I do believe I'll have a great time! I just wanted take give my friends a eased mind that I was okay and say thank you all for the Love yall have sent my way!
Here is a few gifts for my friends!
(You are more than welcome to use these if you like)


storyteller said...

I’m saddened to learn of your experience at church and hope this ‘walk’ will help you move on in the best way possible. Thanks for sharing the two awards. I had to laugh at the second because it’s a reminder to me how what you put out into the Universe returns to you. This ‘crazy puppy’ was one of the first awards I ever gave to MY bloggy friends … way back in December of 2007. I love having him find his way ‘home’ ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

dawn said...

I am all caught up on your blog now. Hope you have a good walk.

Jettied said...

OOHh my gosh!! i don't know the full circumstances but..We have done the same thing. It was hard to do but after the things that was said to me i haven't been able to walk threw the door to or church again. i have been so sad over it and hurt that it has been really tuff. i just made the call yesterday and enrolled our kids in a different sunday school. I have always thought of Church as a soul refuge a place I wouldn't have to worry about being hurt or feeling outta sorts. I have to say no matter what a person tries to avoid if they wanna do something to you they will. And it doesn't seem to bother them..or at least in my situation.
So I am thinking of you and know it probably has been difficult like it has with us.
I send blessings and have a good walk!! I love the awards thanks so much!!

MOM #1 said...

You should try home churching it's just as fulfilling as home schooling and seriously cuts down on the drama. I know several families who have decided to do this as their primary means of worship and some do it just when they are between church homes.

I hope your walk clears your head and refreshes your soul.

Have a great time, "see" you when you get back!

karisma said...

God does not live in a church, my friend, people do! God is everywhere, for everyone! Im sad that you had to leave your church if you loved it, but happy that you had the sense to do so! May your life be filled with peace and happiness. You are a beautiful soul!

Hugs and smoochies xxxx

Gail said...

I'm catching up on blogs -- way behind here. So sorry you had to leave you're church -- it'ssuch a hard thing to do. It's like a divorce (well, I've never been divorced, but I imagine it's like that).

I've heard the Emmaus walks are fantastic, though.