Tuesday, October 14, 2008

100 things about ME

1 I was born November 1968.
2 I have 4 living brothers. (My oldest brother died when I was 18)
3 I am next to the youngest.
4 I am the only girl.
5 I have 3 children. (2 boys & 1 girl)
6 I have been married over 16 years.
7 I am a very friendly and out going person.
8 But, it takes me time to warm up to people.
9 The Black Panther is my favorite animal.
10 I love Earth tone colors, but green is my favorite.
11 I home school 2 of my children.
12 I have 4 dogs. (No cats at this moment which is hard to believe.)
13 I take care of my sick mom.
14 I love hiking, swimming and nature walks.
15 When I was in Jr High I ran Cross Country.
16. I was #3 in the State of Mississippi.
17 I wish I never drooped out of cross country.
18 I quit because I got caught up in the wrong crowd.
19 The older I get I find I rather listen to the music instead of the words.
20 When I was in Upper Elementary I played the trumpet one year, but had to quit because of always having ulcers.
21 I can't read music, but played by ear.
22 I love doing drama.
23 I love working with children.
24 I always wanted to be a psychologist.
25 Never thought I was smart enough.
26 I obtain more by reading & hearing.
27 I would like to write Children's books or at least one.
28 My favorite foods are chicken and potatoes. (almost any way you can think of)
29 My favorite smell is citrus.
30 I love to do research. (on almost any and every subject)(I guess that is one reason I love to Home School)
31 I dropped out of college not only to home school, but because I couldn't pass typing. If it is in my head I have no problem. If I have to copy from a book, I can't seem to do it.
32 I only liked 5 subjects to finish my 2 year degree in business.
33 Just before I decided to home school I was thinking of changing my major.
34 Since I didn't think I was smart enough and to old at time to become a psychologist, I was going to change my major to be a teacher or at least an assistant teacher.
35 I graduated in 1986
36 I was in my 30's when I went back to college, because I wasn't ready to go to college when I graduated.
37 The hardest subject for me happens to be my favorite. (English Grammar)
38 Did you know it's hard to come up with a 100 things about me? (You already know most of them)
39 I use to have a bad temper. (I lost it some where)
40 I love taking long driving trips. (Only if I'm driving)
41 My favorite sports are baseball & cross country.
42 I have always wanted to learn the drums.
43 My favorite flower is a Sunflower.
44 Did I tell you I will be 40 this year?
45 I used to make fun of momma when she was 40.
46 I don't think 40 is very old any more.
47 I really enjoy going to church, even though I don't have a home church at this moment.
48 I use to be a neat freak, but not so much any more.
49 It still bothers me that my house don't stay cleaned all the time, but it don't over come me or rule me like it use to.
50 I love to cook. (But have been lazy with it over the last year.)
51 I love quotes of inspiration.
52 I believe their is good in everyone.
53 I can express myself better by writing.
54 I worked in Restaurants for 18 years.
55 I started working at the age 13.
56 I still love to color.
57 I have 8 Great Nephews and one on the way.
58 I was a cub scout and boy scout leader for 8 years
59 I would love to be able to travel the world.
60 I would even be satisfied to be able to travel in a RV all over the USA and Canada.
70 I have lived in 3 different states besides Mississippi. ( Memphis,Tennessee)(Louisiana) (California- 1st time Santa Anna and 2nd time in Orange County)
71 I lived in Memphis for 2 years, California about 3-4 months each time and Louisiana about 6 months.
72 I'm a hyper person, but not as much as I used to be when I was young. LOL!
73 Scooby Doo is my favorite cartoon character.
74 I love rainbow and clouds.
75 I love balloons.
76 I love hearts of all sizes!
77 I love making quilts. (Don't have the time though)
78 I love Gospel music and Old Rock.
79 My favorite songs are Patience, by Guns and Roses, I Wish You Where Here, by Pink Floyd, Desperado, by The Eagles, God with Us, by Mercy Me and I have a few more I can't think of.
80 My favorite fruit is an orange.
81 My favorite car is 1968 Mustang.
82 My favorite drinks are diet mountain dew, orange juice and water.
83 I love CHOCOLATE!
84 I rather have dark chocolate, but will take almost any kind.
85 I can't stand coconut. YUCK!
86 My eyes are Hazel green.
87 My favorite game is chicktionary.
88 I love find a word games.
89 My favorite ice cream is Chocolate Green Mint.
90 My favorite card games are Gin Rummy and Spades.
91 I love going fishing, well mostly sleeping while Dan fishes.
92 I make home made candles. (When I have time.)
93 I love to dance, but never have a place to go. So, I dance with my kids in the living room.
94 My dad died 3 years ago, Easter.
95 My favorite cake is chocolate on chocolate.
96 My favorite pie is chocolate.
97 I'm a momma's girl!
98 I went to Memphis with my little brother and momma for my 18th birthday. The day before my birthday I took a picture with Santa for the 1st time in my life. On my birthday I went to my dad's for a spell, then my mom took me to Captain D's. The day after my birthday we went to the mall of Memphis and I went ice skating. I found out that ice skating and roller skating are not the same. I can't ice skate, but can roller skate.
99 I dislocated my right knee 2 years in a roll. 1 see above and 2nd I tried to flip off a table to show off my 19th birthday.
100 I use to wake up happy and singing. I'm not much of a morning person anymore. It takes me about an hour to wake up really good. I cook our breakfast with one eye open and don't talk for almost an hour.

Sorry it's took me so long to finish this post and I haven't visited you much, but momma is back down and I'm having to stay with her more, home school, house, and this and that. There is just not enough hours in a day!
Hope to be able to spend more time with you soon!
Take care!

"You must take personal responsibility.
You cannot change the circumstances,
the seasons, or the wind, but
you can change yourself"
- Jim Rohn


Ami said...

"44 Did I tell you I will be 40 this year?
45 I used to make fun of momma when she was 40.
46 I don't think 40 is very old any more."

You left out one.
You're funny.


karisma said...

I agree you are very funny and sweet and beautiful too! Can you tell I love you????

That was a great post, I really enjoyed it! And I did not take any offense the other day, Im sorry if you thought I did. I hope your mama heals quickly, take care of yourself too! Big hugs and smoochies!

ChrisB said...

Well now I've learned a lot of interesting facts about you. To find a 100 facts seems quite a challenge to me I might try it one day!

Livid said...
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Jettie said...

wve alot in common!! I graduated 1986!! I love your list!!
Thinking of you and your Mom!!

storyteller said...

How fun to learn more about you this morning. My older brother died ten years ago, I have one sister and am the youngest. We have #25 in common … and I’m reminded you’ve asked me if I was an English teacher. The answer is no … I taught MANY subjects in elementary school … and was a History major, but I’m an avid reader and had a ‘literature’ minor in college. Yes … it IS hard to come up with 100 things. I spent a week or so generating 15-25 at a time to create my list when I reached my 101st post at Small Reflections. I suspect it’s hard to remain a ‘neat freak’ sharing your domicile with so many kids and dogs. I love quotes for inspiration too and find writing helpful in expressing my views. I’m sorry about the loss of your dad. Mine died in 1976 … shortly before my 31st birthday. Love the Jim Rohn quote you ended with here.
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

Loved your list, Kitty Kat!

I don't think 40 is old anymore either. I'll be 39 this December. Ackkk!

Robocop said...

Chocolate is always good.

MOM #1 said...

That's a lot of stuff about you. Great list!