Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Holidays are coming


I can not believe this year has flown by so fast! Halloween is Friday, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas. Where has this year gone?
We usually don't really celebrate Halloween, but this year will be different. We usually go to the church to play games, hay ride, eat, and other fun stuff. Since we no longer belong to that church Dan will take KB trick or treating while I sit with momma and hand out candy for her. We have been visiting a local church and they will have a costume party Wed night, so the kids will go to that.
I'm not one who likes change, but it's something we all must face every once in a while in our lives. I have had a lot of change this year! Not all has been what I wanted, but I believe everything happens for a reason or purpose.
I'm not sure what we will do for Thanksgiving & Christmas as far as mom's house will go, but more than likely I will have to do all the cooking. I have 2 nieces that need to straighten up their little tails also. I don't need or want any drama at our family eating.


MOM #1 said...

This is the first year that Baby Boy announced he was too old to go trick or treating. In all actuality, I thought he was too old two years ago, but if he wanted to go then I'd let him "escort" his little cousin and they'd go together, since no one would mess with his super-tall self.


It was sad that HE knew he was too old this year.

Changes, indeed.

storyteller said...

I don’t know where the year went either … but I do know that the ONLY constant in the world IS ‘change’ … and that learning to embrace change is part of my journey (and possibly everyone’s). Here’s wishing you well …
Hugs and blessings,

Anonymous said...

I hope you enjoy yourselves. We have never really had a set Halloween tradition and yet it seems to be one of James' favorites. Go figure. I'm really letting him run hog wild this year, focusing on it with school, crafts, everything. I've put up the flag of defeat :-).

This year has gone so super fast.

Molly said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog. I hope that you have found a church home that you like and that all of your holidays are happy.

karisma said...

We are having a birthday party down here on Halloween! Looks like the boys will be dressing up and dishing out lollies. Although we don't really celebrate, our planned picnic got rained out so we have costumes we did not use yet!