Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What you done: Part 2

I didn't get a chance to be online yesterday. Yesterday was one of those days you wish you could walk outside to your Rocket Ship and go into outer space and escape all human form. Now, don't tell me you don't have days like that. LOL!
Our Fun Monday this week was about what would reflect on on your death bed. There were so many great list out there! I mean, some really made my mouth drop! I couldn't think of this assignment in a list form. I guess because I have been doing some reflecting on my life over the past month. I'm not going to write out the post I have been working on as a personal note. But wanted to do highlights of some of the struggles that made me a stronger person, some of the joys that help me through and some of the things that happen that you can't control, but seem to work out for the good.
I left off in one spot that Dan had left and my nieces stepped up to the plate and helped me with my kids. I didn't want to just leave it hanging there and Lord knows that's not all I would have my mind. (Not the way my mind races! LOL!) But I can honestly say that my kids would be my number one on my mind!
After a year in a half of Dan being gone, he came back home. Things still wasn't good there, but I can't blame all of it on him. During our few more years of struggles we took in 3 of our nieces. (All at separate times) Britt came in and lived with us almost 4 years. She was an handful and I hate the way she left, but she sure does look up to the both of us to this day. My oldest brother Sam had an aneurysm February 1st 2004 and I went stayed with him the month he was in the hospital. While I was gone, she moved back in with her mom and her mom let her move in with her boyfriend. They are married now, she is going back to school and they are as happy as they can be. That month was long and hard, but left us with lots of laughs for years to come. When I came back home, I guess Dan had some time to think. Around November of that year he started going back to church and we were actually happy. We were like the best friends we use to be. February 2005 we renewed our vowels. (Here is a few pictures to see)

Not long after I came back home we took in our niece Sam Mc and little Eli. Sam Mc was being wild and always gone. We took care of Eli like he was our own. We really thought we were going to adopt him, but things went bad and they moved out on a bad note, but Thank God they turned around. Sam Mc as another little one now and has straightened up her life and all is good there.
Dan and I have had more ups and downs, in and outs, but I know that things will work out.
I also have a lot more in my life that I could probably say "Look at what I have done", but nothing takes place of m family.
Have a Wonderful Day!


Holly said...

Those are some nice pictures and words. Family is the nicest thing. Although right now I'm locked in my office not letting anyone in. :-0

ChrisB said...

I must confess to being intrigued by your fun monday post and this has answered the questions that came into my mind as I read it. You have been a marvelous support to your family and it seems to have worked out well for everyone. Lovely photos.

Now tell me how to you get your blog list to show up like that??

karisma said...

Lovely pictures. And memorable moments. I think you must put out very good karma. Keep up the great work.

Robinella said...

You seem to be the backbone to your family unit. You've done lots of good things!

dawn said...

Thanks for sharing the rest of the story. I was wondering when I read the first part "But what happened next...". Glad I came over and read both at the same time.

Junebug said...

I'm glad you got back together and I'm sure it made your children happy.