Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I thought it was Spring

This is what I saw went I went out this morning to take to garbage to the road. Why couldn't we get this during the winter? It's 29 degrees! I know it's pretty, but I'm ready for nice weather. Most of our winter was thunderstorms and tornadoes and here it is Spring and we got frost. I'm ready for SUN SHINE!!!
(I have a more serious post for later today if all goes well.)
Until then.... Hope you have a Happy!!!!


Ami said...

Spring has sprung.
The grass has riz.
I wonder where the birdies is?

I feel your pain. Tired of rain and cold and wind and gloom and drizzle and breeze and frigid temperatures and gray days and gale force winds...


ChrisB said...

We had frost again last night and more easterly winds are forecast over the next couple of days. We all need warmth and sunshine.

MOM #1 said...

You can come visit with me - it's been over 90 degrees since last week.

What's frost? I've heard of this phenomenon but we so rarely see it first hand.

Sorry, I'm not making fun. I just think it's funny that people I "talk" to every day have such different weather than I do.

Hope your springtime gets in real soon.

Junebug said...

Hi, I got the sunglasses exchanged for a pair that fit better. Yea! I took my mom with me and we ate at Chick-Fil-a and had a nice time.

Melanie said...

It's been cold where I live too. It's supposed to be more like spring by the end of the week for us. Hope it will be for you too!
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nikki said...

It actually snowed here over the weekend. SNOW! I really want spring.

lisa marie said...

I thought I was ready for sunshine too but it came out and gave me a headache. :)

Warm weather will soon be here. :)

dawn said...

At least your grass is green underneath. We have 2 inches of snow on our still brown grass.

Lisa said...

They are forecasting 3 inches of snow for tonight. WTF? It's damn near May.