Wednesday, April 23, 2008

What you done: List

There is a meme that I found over at Lady K's that came out before our Fun Monday. It is a little different and I will post my meme Sunday if nothing happens. Since I wrote a little story of my family and have had all week to think, I want to write a List of some of the highlights in my life. Some of these I may not think about when I'm my death bed, but they are some of the great moments in my life besides the story I wrote.

1) 1968 - The year I was born. Because if I wasn't born I wouldn't have this blog or meet all the neat friends I have found in this world of Blogging.

2) 1977 - I was nine and I meet my 2 (1/2 ) brothers for the first time. I woke one morning thinking I had 3 brothers and came home from school finding out I had 5. WONDERFUL!

3) 1979 - I was 11 years old. My little brother put a stick in a table saw and turned it on. I made him go away. I stood there in dismay because when I turned the saw off the stick kept going through. My little brother called a girl a bad name, instead of me correcting him, I stood there watching the stick. He ran behind me, because sissy was always there to protect him. He hit me in the back and I fell into the saw. Thank God that the saw was off, because if it wasn't it would not thrown me backward, it would have pulled me in. If that would have happened, I wouldn't be here today. I still have all 5 fingers, but have troubles with my middle one.

4) 1980 - 1981- I played on a all boys baseball team. We were state champs 2 years in a row.

5) 1983 -1984 - I ran cross country. We were state champs in 1984 and I was 3rd in the state. I loved running. It help me release all my anger, anxieties and worries that teens go through.

6)1986- I went through Lifeguard training. Even thou I never was able to be a life guard during that time, I did save a boys life. He did a flip off the side of the pool and hit his head. I was standing there and saw what was going on. Nobody else did. About the time I dove in and started up with him, the lifeguards on duty noticed and came and helped.

7) 1987- I graduated high school.

8) 1991-1994-I received the Lord as my Savior! (I came back home and was through running! I'm not talking cross country) Dan I was youth pastors and had about 35 kids every Thursday night. We had one boy that most people said he was from a bad apple and he wouldn't be nothing but a bad apple. Dan and I took him under our wing for over a year. Then we lost contact with the little boy. A month ago the boy, now 27, walked into the church with his new family and thanked me for never giving up on him when everybody else did.

9) 1992- I married Dan Dan!

10) 1993- I had my DJ.

11) 1994- I had JB.

12) 1997 - I had KB.

13) 1999- I became a cub scout leader and enjoyed every minute of it. I was a leader till 2005. I stepped down because of some male butt head that didn't want a female leader. I did take it hard, but have since accepted it and got over it. I have many years that butt head can't take from me. Sad to say, that several dads took their sons out because I was no longer a leader. It made me feel good that they thought so highly of me, but I wish they would have allowed the boys to go on through to get their Eagle. In a way I understand, the butt head! I now how to work around him for my son's sake.
Also, during 1999 when Dan was gone a man came to the church I went to. (It was mother's day and I wasn't having such a good day, but was making the best of it for my kids.) The man walked up to me and asked me if I remembered him. I told him, " sir, I'm sorry, but I have never seen you before." The man told me his name and my mouth dropped. He said he had aways told his son of on of the greatest girl baseball players and he had been waiting 9 years for his son to meet me. (The man had been living in Texas and had just moved back home) You talking about making my day! That made my day!!

14) 2004- I went through Wood Badge and finished my ticket by the end of the year and got my beads. So, Now I'm not only a kitten, I'm Bubble the Buffalo. During summer camp that year I was able to finally able to be a lifeguard, because one of the lifeguards got hurt. I hate he got hurt, but was always one of my life dreams and I got to do it for a whole week.

15) 2005- I dropped out of college to home school my 3 kids that have dyslexia. A teacher told me if I didn't intervene that KB would fall through the cracks by 2nd grade. Also the school told me that same year, even thou JB made A's and B's, that the school didn't want kids like him because his year end test made them look bad. I had no idea what I was doing, except trying to do what was best for my 3. It's not always easy, but I think I have found something that makes me happy and content.

16) My kid's are supporting a little boy over in India.

I guess you can say, I'm through with my list. I know, that I may have more high lights, but that's all I can think of at this time.
I also wont be online tomorrow because I am going fishing with Dan for the day. I'm getting a day away!!!!!! YEAH!, ME!

Have a Wonderful Day!

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dawn said...

What a wonderful list. I especially like 8. It brought tears to my eyes. You have been very important in a lot of lives. I think your children will always remember and be grateful you quit college to spend the time on their education.