Saturday, April 05, 2008

Say Something Saturday (2)

Here is Ami's Say Something Saturday Assignment:
It's dusk on a warm summer evening.
You're walking down a tree-lined street in a lovely neighborhood.
As you pass a lovely two-story house, set back from the street as far as it can be, you see the legs of a child (boy? girl? you decide) hanging down from a tree.
Because you're omnipotent, you know this child has a bouquet of wilted flowers in one hand, a raw egg in the right pants pocket, and is very excited waiting for the neighbors to come home.
Why is s/he in the tree?
Why does s/he have a raw egg? Is it broken? Whole? What kind of flowers?
What happened all day to lead to the child waiting in the tree?
I can't wait to see what you all make of this one. I have NO clue yet.
I feel generous. You can have up to 1000 words this week.

(My story has 925words)

Josh’s Revenge

One beautiful Fall day my children and their cousins were at their grandmothers playing, having fun and climbing in a tree. This little boy who they had never seen before came over picking on my little girl. He threw rocks, tore up her pretty flowers she had picked for her grandmother and pulled her hair. He even made Elizabeth fall out of the tree. Her brother Josh and her cousin Caleb ran after the little boy. He ran to the neighbor's house and told his baby sitter that the little boys next door were being bullies. When Elizabeth came in the house crying I went out to see what was going on. I listened to both sides of the stories. I really did believe my two and great nephew, but I didn't want to start any problems with the lady next door. She said this was her first day keeping the boy. She said that he had just moved here from Atlanta, Georgia and didn't know much about him. She and I agreed to make each child come in side to keep down any trouble. This made my Josh really mad, because he didn't think I was being fair. I tried to explain that I did believe them, but I wanted them to be safe. He still wasn't very happy with me, but went on down the hall to the play room.
About a week later the lady next door came over to let me know that she was no longer keeping this little boy. She said that he was nothing but a trouble maker and she didn’t need kids like that to keep. She apologized to Josh and Elizabeth and went back home. I could tell that my Josh wasn’t satisfied, but really didn’t worry about it anymore, because we Home School and I didn’t think they would ever see the little boy again.
Months had passed and the memory of this little boy seem to be history. It was a beautiful Summer day and my three kids came and asked me if they could ride their bikes up town to the tennis courts and play some tennis. I told them that it would be fine, but to be home not long after dark. Josh, being my ticky one wanted to know a precise time. I told him that when his daddy and I were about threw with our evening walk, we would come by the courts to tell them to come home. That seem to satisfy him, so he got on his bike and went off to play tennis, as I thought.
That afternoon when Dan and I decided to go for our normal 2 ½ mile walk, Dan decided we take a new route, just for a change in scenery. This route would be the same distance and would take us near the kids about the time we wanted them home. So, I didn’t see why not! There was a new neighborhood along the way and we were curious of what it looked like. As we walking we came upon the prettiest yard ever. Along the road line this man had rows of peach trees planted, a very big back yard fenced in with a pond and a bridge that went across the whole pond. It was just beautiful! As we came to the end of Peach Trees we came to the next yard. It had a very big oak tree and was a very beautiful two story house. It was getting close to dusk, so we knew we had to hurry. As we were checking out the house, we saw this little boy hanging out of the tree. We tried not appear to be nosey, because we thought the little boy who lived there was in the tree playing. The next thing I know, Dan whispers to me, that is our Josh in that tree. I yelled to tell Josh to get down from that tree and to come to us. I could tell this made him mad, but he came to us anyway. I asked him what in the world was he doing in that tree and not up town playing tennis. He said, this is ATL’s house. Looking puzzled I asked him why did he have some wilted flowers in his hand, what was in his front right pocket and who was ATL. He turned really red with disgust and said, ATL is the little boy who hurt Elizabeth and I was going to throw a egg at him when he got home. Then I was going to tell him why I threw the egg and tell him that the flowers were from my sister. I looked a little puzzled still, but most definitely upset, I asked him to explain who ATL was. He said, ATL stood for Atlanta, and that’s the little boy who hurt Elizabeth and made us have to go inside a few months ago. I told Josh that we can’t go around getting revenge on everybody who did us wrong. That we had to forgive them and go on. Because if we didn’t forgive those who hurt us all the time we would be the ones miserable, not them. He wasn’t very happy, but followed along with his dad and I.
I’m so proud that Josh learned his lesson that day and I guess I did to. So, I guess the point to my story is that forgiveness may not always be easy, but you are the one who will reap the reward.


Robinella said...

That was a nice story and good job on Ami's assignment.

Holly said...

So is this true? You guys with your assignments, I'm having trouble seperating fact from fiction. LOL

Pamela said...

You did a much more creative job with the story line than I would.

My mind just went blank. I think the egg was what threw me. The flowers would have been easier to fit in the story for me.

kitten said...

I made it up using a picture of my kids in a tree.

dawn said...

That was great. I would be the opposite of Pamela, the egg was easy, the wilted flowers a problem. I couldn't tell if it was real or fiction either. Good job on the assignment.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Cool story. And it sounds like it was a difficult assignment. Well done. :D

MOM #1 said...

Sorry I'm late getting around to reading your composition, it's very good. Very creative.

See you next Say Something Saturday!