Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The votes are in

I guess since I had 6 to votes to remove my music, I will. I know this is my blog and I can do what I want, but the main thing I don't want is to offend others. I still can play my Real Player while I read blogs. Thank you everyone that voted for your honesty.
Have a Wonderful Day!!


ChrisB said...

If I don't want to listen to someones music I just turn the sound down. You mustn't be influenced by the votes!

dawn said...

I didn't vote and I turn down the music too, but sometimes I want to have the volume up to listen to a video but the music comes on as soon as the page goes to the top, so there have been times when I have had 2 people's music playing because their page is loaded. Of course it is your blog and you can do what you want and I will still visit.

Junebug said...

The reason I would not want the music to come on instantly is because I usually read blogs late at night and sometimes the music blasts on when I didn't expect it and actually scares me or should I say surprises me. I just turn it down but I don't want to wake my family either. It's your choice. I would still read your blog no matter what. If I know that there's going to be music and it's late for me, I would just turn my volume down. My iMac has internal speakers and I also have external speakers. You do what you want though. It's fine by me either way.