Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Update on burned body in Pontotoc

Our local News Story.
This is just awful! and just beyond my comprehension. They say the family dropped him off and came back later to pick him up and couldn't find him. They also say he walked into the woods and fell a sleep smoking and burned his self to death. The whole story don't make any since to me, but I guess somethings are not to be understood.
My heart really goes out to this family!


Junebug said...

That doesn't sound possible. Your Meez is looking very hot. Nice clothes. :D

Holly said...

That is really hard to believe. But they say that's why you shouldn't smoke in bed so who knows? How awful crazy.

Anonymous said...

It is sad. I would guess if he just fell asleep on his walk he probably had some kind of medical problem. Every year there are people who fall asleep when smoking in their homes and cause a fire that often causes death. Perhaps he took pills before having his last cigarette; often times a story doesn't make sense because the family is covering a suicide. It is a mystery.

Anonymous said...

There was a woman frozen to death, found in a yard of town homes on the weekend. Some said they saw her out arguing with a couple of guys. So far the police are saying, she just got too cold and couldn't make it back to the house and froze to death. Weird stories happening here too.