Friday, January 25, 2008

An Add on to the post below

I sure didn't mean to leave this out. Aron has wanted to be a scientist that works in a lab to help with criminal cases since he was 6. Yes, a CSI. This year he has changed his mind. At first it really bothered me, because he has lived, eat and breathed this dream. I guess I have also. He has decided to take his Bachelors in Music. He took a career test yesterday and it showed that teaching was the highest, then music. I told him he could be a music teacher if he wanted. The more I think about it I realized that I rather he does something that is fulfilling than money. Also, I wonder if I should go ahead and let him graduate with the home school group he is in and go ahead and take regular classes at a junior college. (ICC) He will be 16 just a year before he would in regular school. If not, he still could go and take 2 classes. I think I'm just going to let him graduate and take 4 classes his 1st year. Aron has always been my child that gets upset over a B. This year he took Geometry and I decided to let him look back over Algebra 1 for we would be ready to do Algebra 2 next year. He had problems with graping and sloping, that's when he decided not to go to school to be a forensic scientist. Aron has always been so smart and I guess I have always had high expectations for him and maybe pushed him a little. I don't want to do that. I don't want to be the controlling person. I want him to be happy at what makes him happy. I guess time will tell and I'll support any of his decisions. I know it will be good because he has a pretty level head for a 14 year old and always has.


Heather said...

He still has so much time to decide what he wants to do with his life. Not only should you remember that, you should make that clear to him too. Lots of time to learn, to weigh options, to enjoy life, and settle into his future. You're doing a good job, Mama. Don't worry yourself over it.

Anonymous said...

Like Heather said, there is lots of time to decide. Also, the dream of a young child is not based on levelheadedness. My youngest, at 5 said she wanted to be a dentist. She chose that because my sister is a dental assistant and was living with us and we had been to the dentist. She kept with that for about 4 years then said "If I don't become a dentist, I think I will be a waiter person". Talk about a reduction in income. In the last couple of years we have really discovered her bent toward buttons. She can push buttons like nobody I know. She doesn't read instructions but I ask her to get things going on the computer or my MP3. She is a people button pusher too, so I think she will be going into communications, and will do well in front of or behind the camera. She is almost 11 so she has a ton of time to decide also.

Funny, our oldest had a keen interest in forensics when she was preteen and was interested in DNA. When she got to junior high she found she didn't like science and started taking an interest in music and wants to become a piano teacher. Funny it is the same as your son.

Laura McIntyre said...

You sound like your doing the correct thing, he does have plenty of time to change his mind though.
Must be so rewarding teaching and working with your kids like this

Robinella said...

He still has time. You are doing a great job!!

And you are so right that money isn't everything. My poor hubby started majoring in music but at the urgings of his father chose a different path.

His father was right in that he would be successful financially, but it cost him a lot. Luckily he is able to do music on the side, but he yearns to quit his "dayjob" and be a rock star. :-)

And you know, I have no doubt that he would have been a successful musician.

Heather K. said...

Hey, I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. At this point it looks like all I'm going to be is old and wrinkled. But you know what? I'll be good at it and that will make me happy.

He may change his mind several times, but it is great that he is thinking about the future. It is also great that he has you to guide him and to answer life's tough questions. Good job mom!