Monday, July 28, 2008

My garden and little pretties

This year we wasn't able to plant as much as we did last year, but we still have enough of what we have planted to put up for the winter, unlike last year. Instead of planting a lot of different stuff in one small area, we planted more of the same thing in our little area. We were going to put our peas and beans down at pops, but because of me having to spend so much time with momma and gas prices, we just decided to wait and make another spot in our yard next year for that and buy them in bulk. I guess you can say that is one disadvantage of living in the city part instead of the country part. LOL!

I was told these are Grandpa Whiskers, but was not able to find them on the web. (Under grandpa whiskers, I kept finding day lilies. As you can tell these are not day lilies.) They are very pretty and very easy to grow. Which is a plus for me this year. Let me just tell you how easy: Dan's dad gave them to us dead. He said they might come back next year. Mmmmmmm. In 2 weeks they are blooming like crazy! Then somebody stomped everyone down except the one that is hanging off to the side. Two weeks later they are all back prettier than ever. You can't get much easier than that. LOL!
If anyone knows what these little pretties are, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!!!


Ami said...

I'll ask my hubby to take a look at them when he's home tonight.

They're really pretty and I'd like some, too.


MOM #1 said...

Wow! When you find out what they are, please let us know. I am a certifiable plant killer. If it can start out dead, then get stomped down and still look that beautiful - that may just be one plant that even I can't kill, LOL.

You have a beautiful garden.

SabrinaT said...

What a great garden. That is the first thing I am doing if I ever get a yard.
I am not sure what the flower is, but it sure is pretty.

Pamela said...

look at all that lovely green stuff --- I should post my garden, too. Ours is all smished into a tight little space. I have no idea what that flower is. I want to know, too!

Jettied said...

OOHh you have a beautiful garden!!
mine is looking really really sad!! i love those flowers!!

karisma said...

Just lovely! I can't wait to get my vegie patch planted again. Its just so cold at the moment! Too frosty!

dawn said...

You have a nice garden. Mine isn't quite like I had hoped either; I have way too many weeds.

Anonymous said...

Just happened across your post in a Google search. Those plants are Cleome. Happy gardening!