Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blogger's Give Away!!! Come join the Fun!

Bloggy Giveaways Quarterly Carnival Button
I found out about this over at Cameragirl's blog. I thought that this was really neat, especially since I haven't been online much. The Carnival ends August the 1st.
So, here is your chance to win at 2 give aways. (Sounds great uh?) It is!

I know not all my friends here in blog land believe the same as I do and that is okay! But I don't want it to stop from getting this beautiful little pretty from me. I would like to give away a Willow Tree Praying Angel. This way you will always know that Kitten is always praying or thinking of you.
Okay! The one that gets the most answers out of my five will win. I will announce the winner Saturday. (I may not post again until then, but will be checking in on answers and trying to visit. )
Here is my questions:
1) What is my favorite color?
2) What is my favorite pass time? (When I'm not over whelmed with my mom.)
3) How many children do I have?
4) What is my favorite animal?
5) What is my favorite drink?
Hope you all have fun! (What do we do if we have a tie? Mmmm! I'll have to think on that one because I only have one. LOL! I would love to be able to give to all that answers, but not able to do that.) Still hope you have fun!


ChrisB said...

Ok here goes:

1 I'm going to say green just because this is your current background colour!

2 pastime based on past posts~bike riding, scout leader, life guard??? hope I can have three guesses!

3 three~ oh dear is this right!

4 going to say a dog!

5 Diet Mt Dew because you drink gallons of the stuff~ probably wrong again!!!

MOM #1 said...


You know I love you and I'm SO glad you're blogging again, AND I love give-a-ways, but I don't know the answers to any of those questions.

So I thought I'd just say "HEY!" I do read your blog, but I guess I may have "old lady memory loss." Sorry.

Jettied said...

Ok here's mine!!
1) i say in the Browns way...why?
becuse I think that cute chicky is suppose to be you on the side and she has brown on!

2) Blogging & Sleeping.....since you don't get time for either much anymore!!

3)2 boys and one girl....right???

4) A Cat!!! can't go wrong with that!! meow!!

5)Wine...cause You like relaxing with a little peace and quiet...okay okay thats me but I can't imagine you would like that!!

And If iam the winner..I would gift this to you!!!

karisma said...

!. Green
2. Aside from blogging? Gardening!
3. Three kids
4. Cats
5. Coffee! (Should be water, best drink in the world and good for everyone!)

Nice to see you back again! Hugs to mama! And you of course!

Junebug said...

I have to agree with Karisma. I think she got them all right.
1. green
2. quilting
3. three kids
4. cats
5. Hmmmm...tea

dawn said...

Well, perhaps I cheated a bit and did a little look around your blog to find some answers. Here they are:
1. Favourite Colour: Green
2. Favourite Past time: Quilting (it is in the side bar a lot)
3. You have 3 children
4. Despite being called Kitten, I think your favourite animals are dogs (because you have dogs you talk about)
5. Your favourite drink is Diet Mountain Dew (I have read that in an email from you or in a post at some point).

What a fun contest.

karisma said...

Just me checkin in to say HI again! I saw your name in someones comments and got excited! (giggles) thought you might have posted again!

Pamela said...

lavender-blue dilly dilly
taking pictures of your family
(especially videos)

Ami said...

I have no idea on most of them. Bad memory or poor reading comprehension or just 'cause? I dunno.

I know you have three beautiful kids, that you like dogs, don't know what you drink... I know you quilt beautifully. I'm totally jealous of it, too. I have never had the patience to even try it.

Anonymous said...

O.k., I'll give it a go:
1. Green
2. Quilting
3. 3
4. Dog
5. Mt. Dew