Wednesday, July 09, 2008

A little glimpse into our Summer

This past May, our niece and a little guy from our church graduated. KB and me didn't get to their graduation till the very end, but we were still able have a little fun and CAKE!

One good thing about this summer, is Dan has got to spend more time with kids. As you can tell they all have had a great time! (Even our neighbor and nephews!)

June 2nd was Dan's Birthday. This was the 1st time in 16 years I bought a cake instead of making one. My kids were a little jealous, but trust me, this cake didn't get ate like the ones I make. LOL! I was crunched for time so we bought it. Not sure if we will do the same for the kids or not, but trust me if I don't have more time when their birthdays come I may have to.

This is only some of Maw's grand kids, great grands and great great grands. (Dan's grandmother) On the 4th of July Maw has her family reunion. We had a Great time.
Here is Dan's grandmother (Maw) and his mom.
This is all 3 of Maw's kids
Our Eli had to show me his dragon. LOL! He loves dragons.


Anonymous said...

Looks busy and fun!

Jo Beaufoix said...

What a lovely family. Eli is just so cute. Hope you're ok sweetie. Nice to hear from you. :D

Anonymous said...

Amazing fish!

Funny about the kids being jealous of the cake; that's not how they will look back on it.

Eli is adorable :-).

ChrisB said...

Seems like you are all having a lot of fun. What a great catch so many fish!

Jettied said...

The fish are hudge!! and Eli oohh for cute!! i lvoe the family photos I could settle right in with ya they all look so comfortable to be around!!

MOM #1 said...
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MOM #1 said...

Sorry, my computer had a blip and I had to delete my comment, but luckily I've learned to copy/paste, LOL.

Looks like you're having a fantastic summer! I'm glad you're back, even if it is sporadically.

Take care of yourself! Without happy healthy Moms, the world would stop spinning!

karisma said...

Psst: I love dragons too!

You sure have been busy. Glad to see you have been havings some goods times besides the hard ones. Family reunions are great fun!

Pamela said...

reminds me so much of our old family reunions. Haven't had for awhile... when the "maw" dies, it seems the ties that bind slip apart.

dawn said...

As for the cake, my kids don't like store cake as much. They love the ice cream cakes I make and they are really quick to throw together.

Are those cat fish? We don't have them here so I don't know what they look like.

Great you could go on some camping trips.

I love family reunions. Glad you are having fun in amidst the stress.