Sunday, January 15, 2012

My husband has been sick all week

Dan woke up last Sunday with a high fever. We couldn't figure out what causing it. No coughing, no throwing up, no clue at all. Monday his face started swelling, but it was not his teeth. Took him to the Dr and I thought our Dr was gonna stand on his head because he said Dan needed to be in the hospital. I had took him to our local ER and after 7 hours we still have not seen a Dr. So, at 5 am Tuesday morning we went home and got 2 hours sleep. After our 2 hours sleep we went to our local Dr. After our Dr stood on his head he gave Dan 2 shots and 2 different kinds of antibiotics. He told us if the swelling in his face was not better by morning to call him back. Dan's face went down some Wednesday morning, but about 4 pm that Wednesday is was swelling even worse than the 1st time. I called the Dr and he told me to take him to the Tupelo Hospital instead of our local one. They gave Dan 2 bags of antibiotics by IV and told us to come back the next day and let him be checked. So, at 8 o'clock the next night we went back. The Dr we was suppose to see still haven't made it in and the Dr we saw labeled Dan right off the bat and told us to go see a dentist. OK! Dan has been diagnosed with facial cellulitis and he tells us to go to a dentist. Friday morning I take Dan back to Tupelo ER after I call our Dr. The Dr on call finally took us serious and gave Dan more meds. We have to call a oral surgeon Monday to make an apt because the infection in his face has no escape route and it needs to be cleaned. He had a rough day yesterday and I'm not sure about today yet because he is still in the bed. I'm ready for him to feel better. He is worse than the kids. LOL!

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Ami said...

That's horrible.
Update, please?