Wednesday, April 25, 2007

My look into the past

This is whe I was 16 and I did look sick.
I was 19 here.
I was 18 here and weighed 88.
This is my little brother.
Here lately a lot of people has been talking about going on diets and such. I said something in front of my kids the other day that I use to be overly skinny and my middle child said, momma you too fat to have been skinny like Uncle Da Da.(Uncle DaDa is my little brother and now at 34 he don't wiegh over 105 @ 5'9") So I got to thinking of my years of the past and went to momma's and got some pictures from age 16-20. My son was shocked of how skinny I use to be. He said momma you don't need to get that skinny you look sick. I told him that back then I still thought I was fat, but now looking back I was way too skinny.

I only gained 20 lbs with each of my kids. (I lost right back down after having them) I wished I had gotten a picture of what I looked like after my third kid, but I didn't I might come back later and add it. When I was pregnat with all 3 I started off at 105-110 (something like that) When I was 16 -20 I only wieghed 88 -100 lbs. I had my 1st weight gain after my 2nd child, not because of having him but they put me on the de-po shot. I shoot up to 150lbs. The Dr. said I was alergic to it and took me off. 11 mths later I had Kb and lost back down to 110lbs. Then in 2001 I had a partical hesotrectomy and gained 50 lbs in 5 weeks. I could eat nothing. The only thing I could hold down was jello and water. The Dr said my overaries went in to shock. Well I lost some but still felt miserable. I'm short (5'2") During this time my nerves went through the roof. I got to clinching my teeth and broke almost all of them. I had to get false teeth at this time, but I started doing better. Well in 2005 they had to go in and take my overaies out. I didn't gian at that time, but about the past year I have gianed and have been unable to loose and I'm back clinching. The clinching my teeth is my main problem in my book because I feel if your system is out of wack your whole baody is. Well I broke my dentures and got concerned I was more worried about my hormones affecting me than my over all weight gain. 1 reason is because I don't have teeth because I can't afford a new pair and if my hormones are at of wack so am I. And to me it looks like a patteren of my hormones causing my problems. I went to my Dr. here while back and he seemed to agree. He sent me to a hormone Dr. What a freaking JOKE! He checked my thyroid (whih I knew was good) and told me I was mentalpauseal and that I had too much belly fat and I needed to llose weight. He would even talk to me. I have had regular Dr's seem to understand and he was rude and has just passed me off. So now I'm at lost of how to loose weight. I have small legs and arms but my a big middle. I don't to be that skinny I just want to loose about 30-40lbs so I can feel better and feel better about my self.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

My goofy kids

Today my kids had more energy than I knew what to deal with. After we did a little school here and there, I thought I might be able to get them to settle down a bit by doing a read aloud. Well, as you already may know that didn't help I got a little frustrated. I said, OK! Tell me what I have read. They all 3 replied by let us show you. I said okay smarty pants show me. Well they did. The picture I took is them building a pyramid. I guess they were listening more than I realized.



THE YEAR 1907 This will boggle your mind, I know it did mine! The year is 1907. One hundred years ago. What a difference a century makes! Here are some of the U.S. Statistics for the Year 1907 : ************************************ The average life expectancy in the U.S. Was 47 years old. Only 14 percent of the homes in the U.S. Had a bathtub. Only 8 percent of the homes had a telephone. A three-minute call from Denver to New York City Cost eleven dollars. There were only 8,000 cars in the U.S. , and only 144 miles of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. Alabama , Mississippi , Iowa , and Tennessee were each more Heavily populated than California . With a mere 1.4 million people, California was only the 21st Most populous state in the Union . The tallest structure in the world was the Eiffel Tower ! The average wage in the U.S. Was 22 Cents per hour. The average U.S. Worker made between $200 and $400 per year . A competent accountant could expect to earn $2000 per year, A dentist made $2,500 per year, A veterinarian $1,500 per year, And a mechanical engineer about $5,000 per year. More than 95 percent of all births in the U.S. Took place at HOME . Ninety percent of all U.S. Doctors had NO COLLEGE EDUCATION! Instead, they attended so-called medical schools, many of which Were condemned in the press AND the government as "substandard." Sugar cost four cents a pound. Eggs were fourteen cents a dozen. Coffee was fifteen cents a pound Most women only washed their hair once a month, and used Borax or egg yolks for shampoo. Canada passed a law that prohibited poor people from Entering into their country for any reason. Five leading causes of death in the U.S. Were: 1. Pneumonia and influenza 2. Tuberculosis 3. Diarrhea 4. Heart disease 5. Stroke The American flag had 45 stars. Arizona , Oklahoma , New Mexico , Hawaii , and Alaska hadn't been admitted to the Union yet. The population of Las Vegas , Nevada , was only 30!!!! Crossword puzzles, canned beer, and ice tea Hadn't been invented yet. There was no Mother's Day or Father's Day. Two out of every 10 U.S. Adults couldn't read or write. Only 6 percent of all Americans had graduated from high school. Marijuana, heroin, and morphine were all available over The counter at the local corner drugstores. Back then pharmacists Said, "Heroin clears the complexion, gives buoyancy to the mind, Regulates the stomach and bowels, and is, in fact, a perfect guardian Of health." There were about 230 reported Murders in the ENTIRE U.S.A. ! Now I sent it to you and others all over the United States , Possibly the world, in a matter of just Seconds !!!!!!!!! Just Try to imagine..... What it may be like ...... In another 100 years !!!!!!! IT STAGGERS THE MIND !!!!!!!!!

Heart breaking

Massacre at Virginia Tech Leaves 33 DeadSalem-News.Com, OR - 30 minutes ago. It is the third-deadliest school shooting in United States history, after Monday’s Virginia Tech massacre and the 1966 University of Texas massacre. ...Massacre at Virginia Tech Sun (subscription)Massacre at Virginia Tech Washington TimesJUST IN: 33 people killed in massacre at Virginia Tech The Post Onlineall 3,959 news articles »
This is so heart breaking! And scary at the same time. The world around us seems to be turning to violence more and more. I know my kids will be going to college in just a few short years and I know I can't protect them from everything, but it still makes me nervous just thinking about it. I have heard of so many school shootings and can't understand why these young kids think that shooting a lot of people will make things better. I feel sad for the families and the family of the gunman.

Monday, April 16, 2007

Spring Cleaning

Our local schools are out for Spring Break and I decided to let mine have off also. Matter fact we took off the week before also. I wanted to DE-clutter my house and remodel. I started Last Monday cleaning every ones room. I mean deep cleaning! I got put on hold a little bit because my middle child got put in the hospital, but I got right back on it when we got home. I'm a few days behind but maybe this week I can get caught back up. I know I don't really have to push a clock, but I don't want to start back schooling until I get the whole house done.

I saved this post and now I'm updating.(4-16-07)

I did get house DE-cluttered, but the remodeling part is almost at a stand still. I have got to get back to it. Every thing is pushed in the middle of each room and we can't find nothing. I really need a motivator! Major! Here are a few pictures of what my house looks like at the moment. Hopefully we can get back on it soon and get our house back in order. We have paint on the floor, paint on all the base boards and door facings. Yea I know, we should have taped the 1st time. Then we are gonna put tear drops on cieling, put new flooring in the kitchen, hall and both bathrooms. When all that is done we are gonna strip the wood floors and revarnish. (All 3 bed rooms and living room. Well, I guess I'll see if I can't go and get started. Hopefully with in a week or 2 I can show off my re modeled home!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Wild and crazy day!!!

Yesterday started way too early for me and was way too wild. I got a phone call from my MIL at 1:40 am. My niece on my husband's side got put in jail and I had to go pick her youngest at her boyfriend's mother's house. What Joy! So, not only was I already going to watch her oldest but the youngest. She is so wild right now it's not even funny!
Here is our brief History with her...........3 years ago Sam got pregnat and at 1st she told everyone it was this one guy, then when it came closer to term she said she was raped. Well, it turned out she just said that because the guy was black. Well, most of her family was upset big time! Mostly because she lied, but yes some because he was mixed. So, her and Eli lived with us the 1st 2 years of his life. During this time she ran wild and left him here months on end. I even thought that we were going to adopt him. I had got very attached!(My whole family did) Well, she got into some trouble with the law. (she was a minor at the time) They wasn't going to do nothing but try and scare her, but she didn't believe me so she started causing trouble because she knew if maw maw let her move back in that she would not let them send her off. I knew they wasn't but she wouldn't listen. Well, she attacked me after my sinus surgery and told maw maw a buch of lies and of coarse she blieved her. What Bull! Well, for 6 mths maw maw wouldn't even talk to me. It was one big mess. My family's heart and mine got broke! Big Time! Well, now things are sorta good. But with her getting put in jail it scared me that I would land up with the youngest because nobody else wants to keep him. Don't get me wrong, I do love him, but I don't want to get hurt again. I know maw maw would take care of Eli, he is living with anyways. Thank goodness that the person didn't press charges so they let her out. But for that one day my house was loud, but I I enjoyed it! I'm just glad that we do get Eli from time to time and I know she is his mother, but she don't act like it. I really wish she would grow up! I don't have pictures of the baby, but I do want to show off my other pretty!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

My son found these arrow heads

My son was down at his grand-father's house and they went down at the creek to see if they could find any arrow heads. My husband use to find them when he was young. The man that owns the surrounding land dug out a pond and they went and checked out it also. That is were he found these 2 rocks. The biggest is valued around $600-$1000. At the 1st of the year we studied archeology and went to a place and found a few sharks teeth( James Town). The kids are wanting us to go back down paw paw's this week and really do an archeology hunt in the pond and creek. I think we may just do that. I think it may just be what we need at this time in our schooling.


Ps. I scanned the biggest one on both sides.

My Dr. visit yesterday

I posted here while back about some problems I've been having for the past 12-13 years. ( I was not impressed when I 1st went yesterday. Matter of fact I had to come home and look up of what I got out the visit. When I left the Dr.'s office I was under the impression that he was going to be like all the rest, just check my thyroid and tell me to join weight watchers or curves. Well, he did. But I came home and googled what had marked on my sheet so I'm not upset as I 1st was. The sign on the door said,"Metabolic Disorders Institute" When I kept saying this has gone on for the past 12-13 yrs he just said, he was more worried with the present.
This is what I found when I googled what he marked on the sheet.... Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders and he also marked Adrenal Disorders . After I researched this I'm not as reluctant to have blood test done. I go back Wednesday and probably should know by Friday or that Monday.
I also had a test done on my gal-bladder yesterday. Man, was that ever awful! I will know the results this Wednesday. I wished I had knew what the test was before I went, but I guess it's best I didn't because I probably wouldn't of had it done. HA! They gave me this shot to make my gal-bladder show up and when it did they gave me another shot. OMGees! I got nauseous on contact and then I got to hurting. That was the most awful test ever! I just hope they find out why my stomach hurts and I don't have to do that test again.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Yesterday we had Easter with my mom. I'm so glad that all her kids, grand-kids and great grands showed up. We had the best time. I guess you can say this was one of the best. A few of my nieces have gone hog wild and not coming around much, but I'm glad they came yesterday. I will be shocked if my mom is here next year, but she is a strong lady, so I really hope she is. Just for her sake I'm so glad everything turned out so well. Here are a few pics from our happy day.

(They all didn't turn out well. We just got our new camera and we are still learning. HA!)

Ps. A sweet dear cyber friend shared this cake with me so I wanted to show it off!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Home school verses Public school

In the Home school community board I belong to online and a few blogs I have read this has been a hot topic. I believe that Home school is not for everyone and neither is public school. There are so many reasons that people choose to home school. But I see no reason to trash one or the other. Both can have there downs, but they both can so much have there ups. Now if I was to use my experience with the reason I decided to home school it would really sound as if I was bashing public schools. (But I'm not.) I'm going to give views on both.
Before I started home schooling my 3 kids I never thought I could do it and until I started I didn't realize how many people really home schooled. ( I guess because I'm from a small town and if you travel out West or up North you can easily tell that we are a few years behind everyone else. HA!) Most of the people around here that I knew that said they home schooled was using home school as a way to "protect "their child but really didn't home school them, and I didn't want to be labeled one of those parents. (I guess that is why I pushed so hard when I first started) Since I have started homeschooling I have found that there are so many ways to do so. I also think that my kids and I need to De-school more, but don't want them to get to relaxed, so I haven't found our "click" yet.
When my oldest started school he was very smart and didn't struggle, but the teachers picked on him because he would take for ever to get his written work done. Even thou I was at my wits end sometimes I still didn't think much about home schooling him. When my middle child started they just accepted him as a hyper child that needed time to mature.( I started thinking of home schooling but didn't really think I could and didn't want my kids think they could take the easy way out) Yea, I was still dumb to the idea. Okay, my little KB came along and I really thought she was going to do very well because verbally she knew her ABC's very well and had a vocabulary out of this world. Boy, was I ever schocked! Her 1st kindergarten teacher drove me insane! I fought her and the board till they decided to go with my wishes and hold her back that year. I blamed a lot on the teacher. Her 2ND year in kindergarten she had a wonderful teacher that really cared, but still was way behind. I thought the 1st year was because she finally had some friends to play with and the teacher was a night mare. She really was! I started thinking she had a learning problem but didn't know much about this. I had her tested twice and it showed she had an high verbal IQ, but when it came to books, well you get the picture. I still had no clue what I was fighting against or fighting for. When she got placed in first grade I found out that they had put her with a teacher that would knock her down and help with her behavior problem. Wait! She don't have a behavior problem she has a learning problem. I fought the school board all year! They wouldn't even take the test scores that showed she was smart verbally but had some kind of learning problem. They hired 2 behavioral specialist and fired both because they both said that KB didn't have a behavior problem, but a learning problem. I just didn't know what to do. I got so tired of fighting the school. Not only was I fighting them for her that year, but it seemed that they were fighting me with all 3 kids and one was in elementary, one in middle school and the other in upper middle. All 3 schools were in different locations. At the end of that school year her teacher came to me in private and told me if I didn't intervene that she would fall through the cracks. Well, that hit home because I was a child that fell through the cracks. JB's school also called me the day we was to pick up his report card and told me they wanted to do a test, I said ok and allowed it. After a five min test they came and told me that my son couldn't read well or spell. Okay hold up. I ask you all year and you told me he was doing great and he was on the honor roll. I had my belly full. I didn't know what the grap I was doing and still don't but it looked like I was going to home school.
Am I doing the right thing for my kids? I feel like I am. That is what I think people should ask them self about their kids schooling.
Yes, I was a kid that fell through the cracks, but there still a few teachers that believed in "me". When I was in the 5th grade I was going through a change in life and that is kinda a awk-ward age any ways. I had 2 teachers that no matter what was encouraging me and always there. I didn't think much of it back then, but now as I'm older if it hadn't been for these 2 teachers making an impact on me I don't think I would of had the confidence to go back to college when I was older. I was one of those hyper kids and didn't know till I was grown that I had dyslexia also. Even thou there are a few good teachers that will go way and beyond for kids, sometimes you just have to do what you think is best for your kids and not all parents are able to home school, I'm sure glad I have had the experience of both.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I took KB to the Dr yesterday

About 2 months ago Kb got to the point where she couldn't walk. I thought at first that she had just twisted or sprang her knee. After about a week it was not better, so I took her to our local Dr. He was out that day and I had to see one of the other Dr's. This Dr is OK but she scared me a little. She said that KB had a growth in her knee. I got all upset that she made the appointment a month away. I felt like she needed to go ASAP. Our regular Dr would not be in for a week and I was going to get him to change it to an earlier appointment even if he had to change what Bone specialist she was seeing. Well, Life took over and I wasn't able to ask for an earlier appointment. My mom got sick that week. She has COPD. I dealt with her a week before the Dr put her in the hospital, which gave me a little break. Then my JB got sick and was having asthma attacks. Then KB got sick and had bronchitis and phenomena and my DJ got bronchitis. O' Boy! Well, in the mean time KB was resting because she was sick and her knee got where she could walk on it. As she got better the more she did, but when it got to hurting, her little hyper self would rest that leg. When we went to the Dr yesterday he said it had to with her growth plate because she is growing so fast and her ligaments and tendons were irritated. He said for a month she could not run, jump, bounce, ride bikes, do cart wheels. and ect. I just laughed and said she will explode! He told us if she didn't she could have surgery on that knee and that would put her down longer. KB was real quite till about half way home and then all the sudden she yells out "HE HAS TOOK MY LIFE AWAY!" I tried real hard not to laugh. Bless her heart! About an hour after we got home, in her drama tone, she looks at me and says I guess I can be a little girl for a month! I couldn't help it but I busted out laughing. I told her that I would try and put the swimming pool up by this week-end, but she could do all her fancy tricks. I'm just glad it wasn't as bad as I first thought and I hope I'm able to keep my hyper little girl settled enough for we wont have to do the extreme.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Reasons to Homeschool

I have gone back and put the ones that apply to me most in bold. And guess what? They all apply.
Spend more time together as a family.
Spend more time with children when they are rested and fresh rather than tired and cranky from school.
Avoid having to struggle to get children to do the tedious busywork that is so often sent home as homework.
Allow children time to learn subjects not usually taught in their school.
Allow children to have time for more in-depth study than what is allowed in school.
Allow children to learn at their own pace, not too slow or too fast.
Allow children to work at a level that is appropriate to their own developmental stage. Skills and concepts can be introduced at the right time for that child.
Provide long, uninterrupted blocks of time for writing, reading, playing, thinking, or working so that the child is able to engage in sophisticated, complex activities and thought processes.
Encourage concentration and focus - which are discouraged in crowded classrooms with too many distractions.
Encourage the child to develop the ability to pace her/himself - this is prevented in a classroom where the schedule is designed to keep every child busy all the time.
Spend a lot of time out-of-doors. This is more healthy than spending most weekdays indoors in a crowded, and often overheated, classroom.
Spending more time out-of-doors results in feeling more in touch with the changing of the seasons and with the small and often overlooked miracles of nature.
Children learn to help more with household chores, developing a sense of personal responsibility
Children learn life skills, such as cooking, in a natural way, by spending time with adults who are engaged in those activities.
More time spent on household responsibilities strengthens family bonds because people become more committed to things they have invested in (in this case, by working for the family).
Time is available for more nonacademic pursuits such as art or music. This leads to a richer, happier life.
Children will not feel like passive recipients of subject matter selected by their teachers. They will learn to design their own education and take responsibility for it.
Children will realize that learning can take place in a large variety of ways.
Children will learn to seek out assistance from many alternative sources, rather than relying on a classroom teacher to provide all the answers.
A more relaxed, less hectic lifestyle is possible when families do not feel the necessity to supplement school during after-school and week-end hours.
Busywork can be avoided.
Learning can be more efficient since methods can be used that suit a child's particular learning style.
Children will avoid being forced to work in "cooperative learning groups" which include children who have very uncooperative attitudes.
Children can learn to work for internal satisfaction rather than for external rewards.
Children will not be motivated to "take the easy way out" by doing just enough work to satisfy their teacher. They will learn to be their own judge of the quality of their own work.
Children will be more willing to take risks and be creative since they do not have to worry about being embarrassed in front of peers.
Children will be more confident since they are not subject to constant fear of criticism from teachers.
Peer pressure will be reduced. There will be less pressure to grow up as quickly in terms of clothing styles, music, language, interest in the opposite sex.
Social interactions will be by choice and based on common interests.
Friends can be more varied, not just with the child's chronological age peer group who happen to go to the same school.
Field trips can be taken on a much more frequent basis.
Field trips can be much more enjoyable and more productive when not done with a large school group which usually involves moving too quickly and dealing with too many distractions.
Field trips can be directly tied into the child's own curriculum.
Volunteer service activities can be included in the family's regular schedule. Community service can be of tremendous importance in a child's development and can be a great learning experience.
Scheduling can be flexible, allowing travel during less expensive and less crowded off-peak times. This can allow for more travel than otherwise, which is a wonderful learning experience.
Children will be less likely to compare their own knowledge or intelligence with other children and will be less likely to become either conceited or feel inferior.
Religious and special family days can be planned and celebrated.
More time will be spent with people (friends and family) who really love and care about the children. Children will bond more with siblings and parents since they will spend more time together playing, working, and helping each other.
Feedback on children's work will be immediate and appropriate. They won't have to wait for a teacher to grade and return their work later to find out if they understood it.
Feedback can be much more useful than just marking answers incorrect or giving grades.
Testing is optional. Time doesn't have to be spent on testing or preparing for testing unless the parent and/or child desires it.
Observation and discussion are ongoing at home and additional assessment methods are often redundant. Testing, if used, is best used to indicate areas for further work.
Grading is usually unnecessary and learning is seen as motivating in and of itself. Understanding and knowledge are the rewards for studying, rather than grades (or stickers, or teacher's approval, etc.).
Children can be consistently guided in a family's values and can learn them by seeing and participating in parents' daily lives.
Children will learn to devote their energy and time to activities that THEY think are worthwhile.
Children will be able to learn about their ethnicities in a manner that will not demean. Children will be able to understand multiculturalism in its true sense and not from the pseudo-multicultural materials presented in schools which tend to depict others from a dominant culture perspective.
Children will not learn to "fit into society," but will, instead, value morality and love more than status and money.
Children do not have to wait until they are grown to begin to seriously explore their passions; they can start living now.
Children's education can be more complete than what schools offer.
Children who are "different" in any way can avoid being subjected to the constant and merciless teasing, taunting, and bullying which so often occurs in school.
Children with special needs will be encouraged to reach their full potential and not be limited by the use of "cookie cutter" educational methods used in schools.
Low standards or expectations of school personnel will not influence or limit children's ability to learn and excel.
Children will be safer from gangs, drugs, and guns.
Parents will decide what is important for the children to learn, rather than a government bureaucracy.
Family will not be forced to work within school's traditional hours if it does not fit well with their job schedules and sleep needs.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Are we there yet?

No, not the movie. I mean the point were we finish up for the summer. My answer is no. Last year we pushed till Christmas and after Christmas break we work on their weaknesses to make sure they were completely ready to go forward. This year didn't work out like that. I was just going to work through the summer, but when August came my boss still didn't have anyone, so I gave her till September. Yea right! They got the point where they kept increasing my hours and I got to falling behind on my kids school work. They didn't seem to care, but I was trying to do the right thing. A little over a month ago my husband went and quit for me. I just got to the point where I couldn't do both. I did leave them in a major tight and they still are in one, but they left me in a tight also. I got to looking over the kids work and we like about a month and a half before we finish, ( and that is pushing it) plus I had to drop Aron's online science class. Yes, we will finish about the time the other kids do,(I hope in a way for their sake because they like to spend time with friends and family during this time) but I like to work on their weaknesses before I let them out. So, I'm wondering if I should do an hour or 2 a day most of the summer or start at the 1st of August instead of September. Maybe I could do like 1/2 and 1/2. That way they don't get burned out and still get the part they need to succeed. I guess I shouldn't worry so much and just let this take it's coarse and if we don't get to where I want to, then we can buckle down a little more next year. The more I think about it I think we may just start at the 1st of August and do a little tutoring like stuff here and there through the summer. Nothing to hard or to much that way them and me can get the rest we need.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

I Love being a cheerleader! But

I'm the type of person that loves to cheer other people up! I'm not bragging it's just my personality. I have also noticed this trait in my little girl, but I also noticed another trait in her that I have that I don't like. Even thou we love to cheer other people and always make them feel good about themselves we don't have the self esteem we should have. I'm not looking for others to be my cheerleader because I have KB and she has me and for me that is enough. But I was wondering if most people that seem to always be the "cheerleader" for some reason doing this to make them self feel good or what? I'm glad that my little girl loves to help others, but I don't like the low self esteem she seems to of got from me. I really don't know why I have a low self esteem my self. Most of the time if you don't know us well you would think we are Happy Go Lucky all the time. I'm also wondering if this healthy or if there is something we good do to build our self esteem.

I just love the Demin Jumper!

When I found this site about 2 years ago I was so lost to so many things and didn't even know it. All these wonderful ladies have been a blessing to me. When I 1st started I had no clue how to home school. These ladies have helped me learn so much to help my kids, gave me encouragement, and they have even taught me stuff about the net I never knew, so I guess you can say I have been home schooled also. LOL! I have learned how to blog, add links and so much more. The Demin Jumper to me is not just a home school group, but a place with a bunch of ladies I consider my friends. The other wonderful thing about the DJ is I have learned so much about so many different people and where they live. From a girl from Mississippi this has been a wonderful experience.