Monday, April 10, 2006

The lovely life of hormones

I have always been worried about my little girl coming into the life of change. I have never thought much about how to deal with my boys. Till the last few mths, and boy it has slapped me all in the face. I guess being a girl , you worry about the girls cause you know what they will go through. I didn't realize that boys have a harder time than most girls. Oh my gosh! I have always tried to raise my kids to be good kids, but I didn't think about the truth of reality. Things they can't help!
The other day I got my cable bill in and it was $200! Someone had been ordering dirty movies. WHAT! On my TV. I was mad! My husband & I were gonna fight! I told the kids I was upset and do chores and not to push me. The next thing I know my oldest son is having a panic attacked. I had no clue! I rushed him to the ER. While the nurse was checking him out and asking questions, he said I need to talk to my momma. Did my mind ever get blowed. He said momma I have a problem and I'm loosing my mind! I'm having big boy problems. I felt so bad for getting so upset. Him and I went and had a big talk. I let him know that this was part of life. I also told him that I always exspected to mind not be perfect. (He had been ordering the movies. )
I understand in a way how he feels, but I don't know exactly how to help him.
If anyone has any suggestions, it would be apperciated.


Lioness said...

That's a tough one. He needs clear communication and ground rules, and he really needs you as the "former girl" in the family to tell him what the ground rules are. He'll be happier if he knows exactly what you consider acceptable and unacceptable behavior on his part.

You might want to bring this up on TDJ and see what the other mothers of teenage boys have to say.

kitten_mc said...

We have talked really hard. I didn't punish him this time cause I told him I felt like he had punished his self enough, but was not an open door to do it agian. I told him that it was better to be very open to me like I have always tried to tell him. He really understands know what it means to come to momma, no matter how bad it my seem. As for having a boy talk, My big bro is going to help me there. I know daddy should, but not in our situation.
Thanks for your reply lioness. It really helps to know someone out there cares.